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#WorldPhotographyDay- Follow These Incredible Indian Photographers On Instagram To Make Your Feed Go WOW!

by Grishma Indap
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All of us have hobbies; for some, this further turns into a passion then a profession. Once we get a transition to dream big our approach towards our hobbies changes. That’s when mind-blowing photographers come to the picture. Since the early 19th century, photography has been the best medium to express and appreciate things around us. In today’s world, politics and daily realities are defining India with contemporary photographs that have reached beyond the convention of realism.

Photography makes it possible to capture feelings, expressions, ideas or a random moment. A single photo can make the viewer see the world in the way a photographer sees it.

In the age of digitalization, where ideas can be put on a small space from all around the world. Photographers make the job easier for the viewers to make them feel as if they are standing right in that space. Right from discovering the perfect angle to time-lapses to better sunset lightning to aesthetic pictures, talented photographers can capture it all, by leaving us spellbound. From amateurs to professional photographers, they know how to highlight the space, balance the colours, focus on lights and conceal the flaws to help in forming the right perception for the viewers.

Speaking of digitalization, Instagram has come a long long way for creating visuals, bringing a so-called tradition of selfies and catching random glimpses calling it an aesthetic picture. Plus, a scroll through Instagram pages of famous artists or lifestyle pages will have you feel refreshed with its chic yet classy quality visuals. While the trend to click aesthetic pictures have been followed across the globe, India is not an exception. When words fail, the photograph speaks. India has amazing photographers who are passionate to inspire people with their captured photographs. These homegrown photographers have been using Instagram to reach out to their viewers to build a fresh perspective for underrated, unexplored and unseen things. Along with unique subtexts, they go beyond the realms of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle, materiality and places.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, foodie, traveller, loves aesthetics or fashion, we’ve curated a list of Indian photographer’s Instagram accounts that are worth following, to make your feed go from eehhh to damn!

       1. Hashim Badani

Hashim Badani - Editorial Photographer

Hashim Badani is a travel, editorial and documentary photographer, who shows movement and fluidity in still photos. He makes random moments look charming and mind-blowing. He walks us through the redefined contemporary aesthetic by infusing art into his photos.

2. Ishita Sitwala

Ishita Sitwala - Architecture and Spatial Photographer

Ishita is always drawn towards urban areas and the built environment, where she finds perfect light and shadow to create a good architectural photograph. Her photographs are all about how she visualizes it and she tries her best to give the designer’s hard word the best recognition.

3. Ritika Shah

Ritika Shah - Photographer

Ritika Shah’s Instagram is an absolute delight for your Instagram feed. Her work is amazed by her understanding of frames and colours. This reflects in her fashion editorials. Her captured frames allow the dualism between the subject and background to express themselves

4. Visuals and Stories

Visuals and Stories - Photographer

Look no further than Visuals and Stories page if flat lay exquisite photography is what you seek for every time you scroll your feed. She always creates dreamy flat lays with classic patterns, food, flowers, coffee, and a plethora of architectural objects. Her attention to detail and chic spread makes for the USP of her account.

5. Leslie D’souza

Leslie D’souza - Photographer

Quite possibly one of the Instagram feeds we’ve laid eyes on in a while, Leslie takes pictures of anything that grabs his attention. He can make a messy pile of books look beautiful on camera. His Instagram feed is a dream, displaying a keen eye for every detail and fresh perspective without making a picture look incomplete.

6. Rishabh Malik

Rishabh Malik - Photographer

Rishabh’s dedication towards photography is what everyone’s invariably searching for. He manages to make his captures look more vivid and takes a lot of Instagram projects. The striking colours and the touching vibrancy makes a compelling commentary on every space he captures.

7. An Indian Summer

An Indian Summer - Photographer

Bhavna Bhatnagar remains passionately involved with each one of her aesthetic pictures, something that is quite an insightful observation of beauty around her. The use of her contemporary approach towards interiors, travel and of course, cats, is what lends her photography its true essence.

8. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath - Photographer

Shivya Nath’s photography will make you pack your bags and leave for an adventure right away. Her simplicity, accuracy and minimalistic approach make her pictures communicate effortlessly. One can’t ignore how she plays with angles while on the journey of scenic landscapes with sunsets, greenery and people.

9.  Namabird

Namabird - Photographer

Nameeta’s pictures perhaps say more than a thousand words. Her captures are about lush grounds, sunsets, infrastructures, animals, quirky objects, silhouettes, nature and varying shades of the sky. And if you have an eye for it, observe the nuances of her photo’s effortlessness with which the pictures have been captured.

10. Jayanta Roy

Jayanta Roy - Photographer

Jayanta’s photography captures unusual landscapes and portraits that express the internal spirit of a subject in a single frame. His shots are highly well-defined features drawing the viewers to that make it all the more pleasant. He never fails to ingeniously capture many different moods of people and nature.

11. Parth Bajaj

Parth Bajaj - Photographer

Parth Bajaj aces it right there. His feed is what makes everyone yearn for some good food while giving you a feel of the taste, colours, texture and flavours of the food with just the visuals. And, the attention to detail and pretty plating will leave you with cravings every time you scroll through his feed.

12. Kira IssarKira Issar - Photographer

Kira Issar constantly strives to capture the unique beauty of everything around her. Her highly well-defined features draw the viewer’s attention to every detail and allow one to weave a tale with flowers. Check out her Instagram feed to learn how she plays with the sunlight in outdoor photography.

13. George Koruth

George Koruth - Photographer

The essence of George Koruth pictures lies in his Indianness while giving due attention to all its cultural, food, landscape and behavioural. While he covers plenty of portraits, the charm lies in the way he integrates the backdrop so effortlessly that makes his photographs catalogues truly unique.

14. Aishwarya Sridhar

Aishwarya Sridhar - Photographer

This is one professional photographer, with her pictures ranging from wildlife shots, travel shots,  incredible silhouettes and animal portraits. She is perpetually experimenting and reinventing the wildlife, giving an edge of versatility like none other.

15. Purnesh Dev

Purnesh Dev - PhotographerPurnesh Dev experiments with patterns, abstracts, colours and illusions in his architecture and landscape photography. His Instagram account is worth digging in, which truly showcases the architect’s eye for light and tone, with multiple captures of the ambience to form blocks of colours and patterns.

16. Anand Jaju

Anand Jaju - Photographer

Anand Jaju’s photography is a  goldmine for architecture purists, with several high-quality images of interiors, people, and buildings to feast your eyes upon. He draws deep psychological interests to represent space in unique contexts with his well-versed understanding of ambience.

Who better than these homegrown photographers themselves for some much-needed feed inspiration?

So, don’t waste another minute in following them and thank us later!

If you know any more photographers, let us know in the comments below.

Also, do let us know your favourite ones.

            #WorldPhotographyDay  #PhotographyDay


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