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Wish kar ke dekho

by Shweta Brijpuria
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wish kar ke dekho

Life is a series of incidents. Some surprise you while some are predictable. Many times these incidents

leave you amazed at the power of the universe.

Rashi, a young married woman moved to a new city with her husband Rakesh, a loving man who would

do anything for his family and her small daughter, who was too young to go to school. Moving to a new

city meant adapting to new routines and she was slowly getting used to it but she missed her family and

friends and her old life. She missed working. She has lovely memories of her students and school. She

loved her life and her family but life wasn’t as satisfying.

She had spoken to her parents and siblings to elevate homesickness but she couldn’t talk to them

about this feeling. She didn’t want to seem ungrateful for her many blessings. She just wished that she

had friends close by, even a single friend to spend time with and who would understand her feelings.

This longing grew as Holi approached. Celebrating the festival with just her husband and daughter would

be great but it wouldn’t have the same Masti just the years before when they were surrounded by

friends and family.

Thankfully the universe was hard at work and one day while whiling away her time on social media sites,

she noticed a friend had moved to the same city.

Raman was a childhood friend and neighbor with whom she grew up. They had lost touch due to family

fights. She contacted him through the site and invited him over for Holi fun and lunch. Thankfully, he too

was looking for a familiar face amongst the sea of strangers and agreed to let bygones be bygones and

accepted her invitation.

Holi in a foreign land became a happy time. Raman and Rakesh got along very well and she was happy to

have a friend.

Raman was also overjoyed to have friends in this new place. His status said felt at home with Rashi

Rakesh……I couldn’t have asked for more.

Rashi’s desire for a friend may have been stronger than Ramans but they both enjoyed having a friend to

share and cherish.

Life is bountiful and the universe giving. It waits to create a series of incidents to give your deepest

desires. So, look inside and decide what you really want. I am sure it will you will achieve it.

Source – https://shwetabrijpuria.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/wish-kar-ke-dekho/

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