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Why Everyone Must Own #MadeinIndia Breathable And Artistic Masks To Flaunt Ourselves

by Grishma Indap
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Because masks are here to stay. From the past six months, the COVID pandemic has controlled our lives. Everyone knows how the virus is transmitted through the air and how not wearing a mask in public is a big no-no. The best way to avoid the spread of this contagious virus is by wearing face masks. Just like how we wear clothes, it’s mandatory to wear a face mask every time we leave the house for our safety and of those around us. Wearing a mask acts as an involuntary reminder to not touch your face. Yet, it’s a big confusion to find a comfortable mask that covers the nose and chin without slipping or a confusion whether to buy the mask that ties at the back of the head or loops over the ears. Moreover, wearing a mask is essential as well as fashionable. That’s when fashion found its way. And, our social media is flooded with mind-blowing fancy masks from local businesses.

There may be no other piece of clothing that has become the most stylish like face masks — a small piece that began as protective gear has transformed into a fashion statement in no time. The more stylish the mask is, the more people will put them on without any reminder. Indian artists are designing masks in different sizes and requirements, like for infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers, adults and animals too, by using top-notch material for our safety and style. From stitched to cartoon prints to traditional prints to matching masks to lace to embroidery to quotes, our local artists can offer any stunning designs to make us look pretty or handsome even in our covered face. These locally made masks are budget and environment friendly. We can reuse the masks rather than throwing away after every use.

In no time the fashion has gotten hold of masks, so the small businesses in India. As there’s a huge demand for masks in India, we must support our local businesses by buying masks from them in smoothing and heightening our country’s economy.

But with so many mask options around us, choosing the right masks can be a tricky part. To our safety and style, we compiled a list of Made in India brands that offer fabulous breathable masks.

Also, don’t waste another minute in buying them.

1. Vedhika

Made in India masks - Vedhika

2.Moon Rabbit

Made in India masks - Moon Rabbit

3.Piece of Heaven

Made in India Mask - Piece of Heaven


5. Soxytoes

Made in India Mask - Soxytoes


Made in India Mask - iTokri

7.The Strutt Store

Made in India Mask - The Strutt Store

8.PAPA Brands Inc

Made in India Mask - PAPA Brands Inc9.BonOrganik

Made in India Mask - BonOrganik

10.Thela Gaadi

Made in India Masks - Thela Gaadi


Made in India Mask - UMask


Made in India Mask - FableStreet


Made in India Mask - Ihaworld

14.The Spring Palette

Made in India Mask - The Spring Palette

15.Bow & Square

Made in India Mask - Bow & Square


Made in India Masks - Masks4U

17.Alamode Label

Made in India Mask - Alamode Label


Made in India mask - Suta


Made in India Mask - Tjori


Made in India Mask - Vastramay

Superheroes wear masks to hide their identity when they are saving the world. In these difficult times, where a COVID is a villain, ordinary people become a hero by wearing a mask to fight a virus. Plus, if we buy a mask from homegrown brands we’re already the hero of this country for saving our economy.

And, it’s ok to tell someone else to wear one.

If you know any more Made in India masks, let us know in the comments below.

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