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Why is being Chubby and Confident at the Same Time Such a Huge Deal?

by Grishma Indap
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Chubby Confident beauty

“How are you so confident about wearing shorts?” “Wow, you don’t care about society wearing sleeveless tops!” “Isn’t this too much for your body type?”

These are the lines I have heard for zillion times to date. Initially, I used to assume, some comments are actually empowering compliments, honestly, it’s not! I’ve been chubby for quite a few years and it was the hardest part to accept my own body, but eventually, I absolutely started loving myself.

I carry off any clothes I like to wear, flexible than my thinner friends, educated, and have an amazing career. But, when people meet me some just want to talk about my weight or my dressing style. Especially in family functions, aunties love to pass comments on my body. I want people to ask about my life, instead of talking about my body type. My curvy body type doesn’t take away from the kind of person I am. Even I wish for a sharp jawline and thinner waist and I do yoga almost 5 days a week. I also enjoy the challenge of eating healthy! I feel sometimes people get offended by how a curvy girl is so confident in her own body type. Not every curvy or chubby girl has a thyroid or overeats. Not every curvy or chubby girl needs snarky advice or comments. We’re doing great, really!

Chubby & ConfidentWe just can’t blame the mindset of the people. It’s mainstream beauty standards that have taught everyone that being curvy is not the ideal beauty type. Body shaming is not new, some of us don’t dare to wear sleeveless or short clothes in public in fear of being judged. Because, you know muffin top, stretch marks, cellulite, the fat roll is just unacceptable. I realized a long back, that I’m not going to be slim to look pretty and confident. It resents people’s mind by seeing us having guts to wear anything we want publicly. They see curvy and chubby girls as lazy, slow, unhappy, single, and desperate. They think we’re easy to lay. It is hard for people to even see the curvy girl doing stretches or backflips. They literally spend their lives in self-loathing, while making others feel terrible about their body and hatred towards fat people being happy. You don’t know how many times we’ve cried and worked our ass off before getting that confidence to live happily in our own skin. It’s not a defence mechanism! If you look closely at our lives, instead of worrying about our weight we have someone who loves us for who we are, friends, and family who think we’re perfect. We still can’t help getting angry that people judge the choice of clothes we wear in spite of our body type. We sincerely are waiting when no one has to be subjected to negativity and we’re not sure how much longer we’ve to wait.

Chubby & Confident in OfficeWe are chubby. We are curvy. We love our thunder thighs and fluffy cheeks. We workout. We eat healthily. We eat fries. We have insecurities. We love to wear shorts and sleeveless clothes. And yes, we broke the rules of ideal beauty. So next time if you feel like telling someone what to wear or what will help them to look thinner just shut up and let the person be happy. There’s more to us than our weight!

Chubby BeautyIf you have gone through body-shaming all your life like many girls out there, you can share your story with us! 

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