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Where does all this end : Where does our Wants be encapsulated

by Amhaanlaya
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all this endless thinking

Where does all this end?
Are we willing to compete with nature or
Are we unwilling to comprehend the nature
Nature is unwilling to know whether Humans are economically Intelligent; Scientifically Sound or Spiritually ahead….

We, Humans, want to create lives by taking deaths in our hand & then plan to reduce life by imbibing economic misbalance or scientific catalyst
We want to create art without messages & then blame the generations for not being the wave of change
We want to follow people with name fame money not those with self-acceptance, gratitude compassion & then we whine about emotionally unstable society with high IQ productivity.
We want to empower the race & society we believe are undernourished by depleting them with the necessary resources in the first place & Then we search to cleanse our soul with other means
We want to market ourself on social media & then we do not want to be called products
We want to reach out but not reach within ……

We want to be accepted by everyone for what we believe in but we fail to accept others with the believes they hold by their life experiences.
We want to be applauded for our achievements over failures but we fail to do the same for others in the magnifying lens
We want life to work, sound & resonate as we want to not as life should be
We plan our partners as a delicacy on the fancy table; We select & reject humans as with all our limited beliefs achieved by certain education given by others But then we regress and fail to accept the failure of our extensive choices that no more bring happiness & peace to the soul.
Because we looked outward not inward…..
Isn’t it time to unwind the life the way it should be
We have grown more ignorant with paving education to match the materialistic world rather than to achieve a balanced wholesome development
Isn’t life happening at present, By growing, earning, yearning all at the same time as we Breathe in & Breathe out without getting tired?

Our wants are conflicting with our requirements and hence the internal Greed has taken over our inner angels.

Speak to your Demons, where does it really go to an end if today is the last day you breathe….
Allow your angels to breathe for once the beauty of Life. The beauty of living life in the present

Life is important & the present is powerful.

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