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What is your favorite colour?

by Seema Khadka
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Colors of life
What is your favorite colour?
they ask
I am so afraid
how can I say black?

for a man is killed for being this colour,
the colour he was born with,
what was he supposed to do?
rip his skin off?
so he could breathe this air too
he didn’t even choose
but still, he lost his breathe
now say how can I choose
I’ve put my choice in sheathe
For how long?
after how many lives?
will this world understand
when the black thrives,
why do we paint the demons
 in the colour black?
the real demons these days
they hide in the back,
back of their mask,
which is supposed to be praised
no matter what they do?
god, you’re the witness,
and this silence for who?
The 21st of the century,
love, beauty, and freedom
but when everyone is growing
blacks fall like autumn?
justice must be served,
please, stop this racism
let’s make the world peaceful
this is our home,
home for every colour,
colour, caste, and creed
our brothers are dying
please, don’t let them bleed.
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