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Wedding Trend Post Covid

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Hello, Guys in case you didn’t know 2021 wedding planning is already well underway. Today I’m here to tell you about 2021 wedding trends that you can look out for as you’re planning your beautiful nuptials next year. In this post, we will guide you and update you with all the latest wedding trends which will be paper prevailing 2021.

Wedding day is one of the most important day of anyone’s life. Hence, you just cannot ruin anything about that day. Therefore, make sure you incorporate your wedding day with these amazing wedding trends that will be evergreen for the coming next 3-4 years.

Wedding Trend Post Covid 

  • Intimate Weddings: One of the biggest wedding trends for 2021 is going to be intimate weddings. Now it’s kind of starting in 2020 you know intimate weddings starting now due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and travel restraints and you know limits on how many people can gather within a building etc. But this is probably going to continue into 2021 as you continue to battle the virus even honestly.

As people start to get used to having more intimate rights so intimate weddings possibly would last and attach to the people who couldn’t make it could watch over live. This is definitely going to be a trend. So I think that intimate but super glam and amazing weddings and amazing experiences are a trend for 2021 and one that you want to look out for okay. So I’m talking like amazing floor amazing lighting amazing floral-like all those things put together to make a beautiful event. That’s intimate but makes a really serious impact like that’s what you look forward to in 2021.

  • Installations: Now I’m trying number two if something that kind of already got started towards the tail end of 2019 and courses lightly into 2020 but definite for 2021 is installations. so what an installation means are things that are hanging from the ceiling. I’m talking trusses and things like that.  These installations involve ceremony setups which are like installations and different shapes at the front of the ceremony like arches of triangle things like that. Definitely, things hanging from the ceiling which is my favorite. Hanging ribbons from the ceiling all kinds of things hanging from the ceilings are definitely major installations to look forward to and of course like tunnels right like floral tunnels. And things like that are definitely one to look forward to in2021 any installation that makes a huge splash for the event is definitely a trend to plan for and to also budget for because these costs money but guys I gonna tell you it’s worth the experience. It’s worth having guests talk about alright so you never want to buzz it a few thousand extra for this but installations are big one for 2021 that you definitely want to save source and you’re trying to have the luxury wedding.
  • Wedding Day Photo Shoots: Now another theme is having wedding day photoshoots all right like literally not just capturing the day. As it happened but really setting time aside to have amazing photos like through a first look or maybe taking photos during cocktail hour or whatever but making sure you have adequate time to do a full glam like beauty shoot on your wedding day.

This is becoming a bigger trend because again with going back to having intimate weddings and all kinds of regulations like you want to capture the day. So you can share those moments with those who were there and those who couldn’t make it like really the memories are going to be crucial at this point so definitely having enough time carved out for your you know glance shots for your first book shots pictures with you and your fiancée like those are nothing major like those are the things that you know are definitely going to be trending in 2021 those are definitely things that are going to be shared you know if you look at wedding magazines and blogs what they normally share a couple of shots so having lots of time for those intimate shoots on the wedding day and your wedding gown I mean the groom’s tux are definitely going to be a major trend for 2021.

  • Non-Traditional Centerpieces: And last but not least you know non-traditional centerpieces are going to make a big splash in 2021. I already know it like I’m talking centerpieces you know the traditional centerpieces are like the big puffs on a clear face you know on a table maybe with some candles around it but going a little non-traditional with different geometric shapes with different kinds of stands and possibly even going completely non-floral with interesting candelabras like. So dear guys you can do a lot with candelabra especially the more modern candelabras me a super modern-looking advance like those are going to be major like different again different shapes of centerpieces are going to be major in 2021. So definitely thinking outside of the box and going to more non-traditional looks for your wedding are going to be a big thing for 2021 then you want to budget for and plan for and you know just to make the time and space for.



So dear readers, here are the best 4 wedding trends that are going to prevail in the next year. Well, you can try out this year too at your weddings. These trends will enhance your weddings and impress your guests too. Share these amazing wedding trends with your friends family and relatives and stay tuned for more amazing content and posts.

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