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We all have Got a Bikini Body. Yes, You Heard it Right!

by Grishma Indap
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chubby bikini body

How often do you see girls wearing Bikini in India without any second thoughts? Oh yes, unless you’re in Goa or some isolated island. You know the answer already! If you wear a bikini in India, uncles will stare you down, aunties will look at you as a woman in her underwear, some strangers will also take pictures without your consent and probably over sanskari parents will disown you.

Topped with Indian mentality, if you’re a curvy body wearing a bikini in public is a daunting idea. Because, according to mainstream thought of so-called judgmental people, the bikini is for girls having a flat tummy, no cellulite, no stretch marks, and thigh-gap. It’s weirdly interesting how perception about bikinis in India can be contrasting even in modern urban times.

That’s when after freaking out for wearing a bikini in spite of having a curvy body, I wore a bikini in Goa. Of course, the prospect of displaying my body in front of everyone on a beach was terrifying and very awkward at first. Once I got comfortable in it, it was the most life-changing moment of my life.

It wasn’t a life-changing moment just because I wore a bikini in India, it was from that I wasn’t even giving 2 hoots about my jiggling tummy, and cellulite.

Chubby Bikini Body

It was May, the summer heat was upon us. I was enjoying the nice breeze at the beach, refused to suck in my foodie’s belly, started clicking pictures posing away in glory, posted pictures on social media, everything at that moment was just perfect!

Honestly, life is too short to stay stuck in the body shame or slut-shame issues that are plagued by women since forever. After wearing a bikini on that day, I literally stopped caring about Log kya kahenge? Even if I wore shorts, sleeveless or deep-neck clothes. On my next beach vacation, I’m planning to buy a lot of two-piece bikinis and enjoy them to the fullest. 

Bikini Body For All

Just don’t care about your body type. You don’t need to get a bikini-ready body, you need a body and a nice sexy bikini. Like women, men can also wear speedos over beer belly and stretch marks. It’s an amazing way to come out of your comfort zone and feel good about yourself. So, on your next vacay add wearing a bikini on your bucket list!

We all have a bikini body. That’s all!

If you also donned a bikini like a boss in India, share your story with us! To reach out to us, please mail us on contactus@myblogus.com or join #MyBlogUs community.

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