by Ritika
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Observe, when everyone else is talking. How their hand moves when they are sure of what they are speaking. See the smile when they see their much-favored person after a long tiring day. See the twinkle in their eyes when they see a baby.

Listen to what they have to say. The world where we live in; everyone has something to say, everyone wants to raise their opinion. but actually, what they want is- validity. Validation for their thoughts. they want to know that their opinions are correct and they are accepted by their peers.

When sitting with a group of friends, notice there is always the one who is smart and always making conversations and always trying to seek validation. They may seem that they know what they are saying but actually, they just want acceptance. There is one person who is waiting for his turn to speak. You can see them fidgeting and looking elsewhere, forming the sentences to speak for when his turn arrives. There is another person who knows all this and is here just to see how things will turn out eventually and if it got out of hand, they’ll control it.

But don’t just notice because it is new cool and portray sophistication but the art of a human being is visible when you just sit back and observe. I have done it so many times. They colour they prefer, the way they sit and listen. The restlessness to speak, to hide, to go away from the conversation. It’s the silent drama that fills my day. Even the way they speak or talk to other humans beside them. And honestly, I don’t know what all of it means but it still fascinates me and everyone who seems perfect on the outside will have a flaw because even if perfection is what we all crave, imperfection is imprinted in our DNA and it is impossible to deny its existence.

Observation, like every other thing, is an art. We seldom forget that the random person walking beside us has a life which is as vivid and different and they have their own world in which they live. The word you are looking for is SONDER. It is a fascination that I seek and whatever does not interest me, I can’t hold onto it.

I have been observing all this time and when the time comes, ill wield my weapon and use it to tear the hardest shell which was deemed impossible by the validation seeking bastards. So be a wallflower in the world where everyone wants to be the sun to the many sunflowers.

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