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Vocal for Local – Homegrown Tea Brands Every Chai Lover Should Know

by Grishma Indap
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For chai lovers, tea is more than a hot beverage – it’s emotions! From tapri wali chai (street-side tea) to artisanal tea to ghar wali masala chai (flavoured tea made with spices and herbs) even if you’re not a tea lover, tea has reached everyone’s heart. Well, I’m not a tea lover but every time I ask for tea to dip Parle G or rusk, that’s like my every evening ritual.

Tea is a part of Indian culture and a pre-dominating tea-drinking nation. India itself is the 2nd largest tea producer in the world after China. The market value of the tea is more than 12000 CR in India. This industry is not only helping in the employment of thousands of workers but also puts the country on top-notch quality tea exports. From the past few years, the monotony of traditional cups of tea is also changing, thanks to a bunch of artisanal homegrown brands that are introducing innovative, exotic, blended, flavoured and handcrafted tea into the market. With innovations in regional flavours, some homegrown brands are also focusing on sustainability and doorstep deliveries. Thus, it is quite obvious that most of the best brands of Tea come from India and as an Indian, we must support these homegrown brands.

Other than Pataka, Society, Red Label. Wagh Bakri and Tata tea brands that are loved by every Indian from ages, here’s a list of homegrown brands that are here to stay!

Vahdam Teas

Made in India Tea Brands - Vahdam Teas

Straight from India’s divine gardens to everyone’s cup, Delhi-based Vahdam Teas is loved globally and by Hollywood celebrities, too!  They are working with about 175 tea plantations and small growers across all seven tea-growing regions in India. From White tea to Turmeric tea to Matcha to Tea Wares, they have it all!

The Tea Shelf

Made in India Tea Brands - The Tea Shelf

Born in 2015, The Tea Shelf believes in making premium loose leaves and uplifting ordinary drinking experience to freshly brewing it. They produce blends with most incredible flavours, exotic and aromas. They have Herbal tea, Immunity boosting tea, Berry Hibiscus tea, Japanese Matcha, White tea, Oolong tea, Fruity tea and many more, the list goes on and on.

Tea Trunk

Made in India Tea Brands - Tea Trunk

Founded in 2013, Tea Trunk sources teas directly from farmers and crafts them into gourmet tea blends of natural ingredients. There are no artificial colours, no additives, no tea dust in their whole leaf and healthy teas. From Black to Matcha to Chamomile to Lavender, you will find every kind. Also, you can make your own Tea blend!

Satori Tea

Made in India Tea Brands - Satori Tea

Satori Tea as their name suggests believes in reconnecting with your soul over a cup of tea. Being an artisan tea brand, they offer premium teas that are sourced directly from family-run estates to cups, making the sourcing 100% traceable. Their menu consists of 7 boutique teas – Pure Green, Lavender Dream, Kiss of Rose, Hojicha, Golden Twirl, Floral Blossom, Citrus and Spice.

The Good Life Co.

Made in India Tea Brands - The Good Life Co

Mumbai-based artisanal tea brand The Good Life Co sources its tea leaves and exotic ingredients from around the world. Their tea is often mixed with passion flowers, dry fruits and natural colours to create exotic blends. They offer a total of 34 types of teas with flavoured coffees and Tea accessories.

I have tried TGL co. Mogo Mogo green tea that had a blend of sunflower, banana, guava, melon, cornflowers and passionflower leaves. It was an absolute win for me!

Organic India

Made in India Tea Brands - Organic India

Organic India believes in providing organic products for healthy conscious living. Organic India’s Teas are sourced from small family farmer’s organic farmland across India. Their signature Tulsi leaves are rich in antioxidants and come in a variety of flavours. With classic teas, they also have Tulsi teas infusions, herbal formulas, ghee, organic cereal and organic body care products.

The Hillcart Tales

Made in India Tea Brands - The Hillcart Tales

The Hillcart Tales originated from Hill Cart Road, Darjeeling, offers 32 variants of teas including dessert tea blends like lemon cake, tiramisu, orange, apple strudel and eight loose-leaf varieties. Their muslin tea bags and loose tea come in sustainable packaging with hand-picked watercolour illustrations that can be recycled into home decor accessories.

No.3 Clive Road

Made in India Tea Brands - No.3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road is one of the luxury brands that specialize in hand-blended teas and locally produced accessories. They carefully select the finest full-leaf teas and natural ingredients across India to deliver the rich delights of classic and blended teas. These blends include Maheshwar blend (first flush Darjeeling, spicy ginger, cloves, jasmine and dried apricot), Aurangazeb blend (Assam tea, spicy ginger, roses, jasmine and marigold) and Madurai Masala among others.

Dancing Leaf

Made in India Tea Brands - Dancing Leaf

Mumbai-based Dancing leaf was born with the pure passion of delivering carefully picked teas, spices and herbs. It’s essence and natural extracts have authentic flavour and aroma. Their 50 global teas that are rare, flavoured and traditional are sourced from across India and internationally from Japan, China and Taiwan. Along with classic teas from India, they have signature blends, Chinese Teas, Japanese Teas and Wellness collection.

Anandini Himalaya Teas

Made in India Tea Brands - Anandini Himalaya TeasAnandini Himalaya Teas have been crafted using delicate art of creating unique blends while emphasizing quality and purity. They strive to make every tea lover explore the world of all the senses detoxifying, calming, rejuvenating, digestive and de-stressing through exquisite teas. Among herbal teas and hand made tea collectors they have Puerh (25 years old limited edition) tea and Tea Bags made with a muslin cloth.

Other Homegrown tea brands:

There are more Made in India tea brands in the market to establish a consumer base with other well-known brands. Brands like Sancha tea, Jugmug Thela, Duncan Darjeeling, Chado tea, Tea Treasure and Amaara Herbs offer breathtakingly tasty, aromatic and exotic blends of teas that are worth trying!

Try these amazing homegrown teas and thank us later!

If you know any more Indian Tea brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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