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Vocal for Local – Homegrown Chocolate Brands You Should Definitely Try

by Grishma Indap
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Chocolate is a blessing to mankind and we just can’t live without chocolates. Your girlfriend upset? Gift her a box of chocolate, Last moment wedding gift? Gift premium chocolate, Mood swings? A tiny piece of chocolate will turn your mood in no minute. There’s nothing that chocolate can’t fix!

Even though India is not a major producer of chocolate, there are a bunch of amazing Indian brands that are making delicious artisan chocolates. You’ll definitely forget Cadbury or Toblerone if you take a bite of homegrown chocolates. These desi chocolates are organic, gourmet, single-sourced cocoa beans and locally sourced. They are not only into making tasty chocolates but they’re also creating employment opportunities for local and practices sustainable methods. Homegrown chocolate brands are Independent, produce finest earthy chocolates, easy on the pocket, deliver on your doorstep and care about our planet earth.

Without further ado let’s dive straight into the amazingly delicious Desi chocolate brands that I have tried and were enough to make me fall in love with them.


Pascati - Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Pascati is India’s first USDA organic and fine chocolate maker. Each batch of cocoa beans is roasted, cracked,  conched and tempered. Their wide range of Gluten-free and vegan chocolates offers chocolate bars in variant flavours, bonbons and truffles.

I’ve tried Mango dark chocolate and Raspberry-hibiscus dark chocolate. These heavenly creations were exotic and absolutely delightful.

All Things

All Things - Homegrown Chocolate Brand

All Things is a contemporary and artisanal chocolate brand. They create divine chocolates from ‘Bean to Bar’ by pairing it with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and zero artificial flavourings. From your basic chocolate bars to chunks to nibs to powder, they have an amazing menu to choose from.

I ordered my All Things Malabar Dark Chocolate with Granola which was a big win for me.  

Hill Wild

Hill Wild - Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Hill Wild is from the northern part of India that is apart from comprising the regular cocoa powder, vanilla, milk as ingredients because there is much more added to their chocolates like pumpkin seeds, plum wine, black rice and Naga king chilli. Along with chocolate bars, they also offer bite-size truffles made of whiskey and rum-raisins. The best part of this brand is that they allow local farmers and use local crops that are being underutilized.

Once my friend bought King Chilli – Hill Wild chocolate bar from Manipur for me which took my taste bud into a spicy yet yummy adventure.  


Indah - Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Started in Pune, Indah is a proud pioneer of Bean to Bar chocolate makers that are slow-roasted, gourmet and pocket friendly. The makers have a good heart as they donate their small percentage of sales towards child education and empowerment. From 61% Dark chocolate to Peppermint to Salted Almond to Drinking chocolate they have it all.

I ordered their 6 bar collection box just for ₹549. It was delicious and a perfect steal deal for me.

Ether Atelier Chocolat 

Ether Atelier - Chocolat Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Ether Atelier Chocolat offers a magical blend of rich, complex, luxury and fine chocolate flavours that are single originated from Peru to Indonesia to Madagascar. The flavours might sound like a collection of perfumes like Juniper Jazz, Indian Petrichor, Burnt Maple and Oak.

I’ve tried Summer Spring – a chocolate club box which was made of Juniper and Jazz, it was so rich in flavours and breathtakingly delicious.

Naviluna Artisan Chocolate (Earth Loaf)

Naviluna Artisan Chocolate (Earth Loaf) Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Based in Mysore, Naviluna chocolates are handcrafted using organic ingredients including single-origin south Indian cacao. They are famous for their innovation through flavour exploration. They offer various flavours such as almond, chilli mango, apricots, smoked salt, fig, pineapple, etc. including treats like BonBons to Truffles to Laddoos to Cacao tea.

As my Bhai Dooj gift, I got Naviluna Chocolate gift box (6 pack) which included 61.8% Kerala Dark Chocolate, 72% Malabar Forest Box, 72% Tres Bale Chocolate bar, 61.8% Jamun-Rosemary bar. The collection was so classy and very delicious.

Mason & Co.

Mason & Co. Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Puducherry based Mason & Co. was started with an idea of making Bean to Bar, organic and gourmet chocolate in India. With no emulsifiers and chemicals, their range includes flavoured chocolate bars, cocoa herbal tea, nibs, cacao butter and drinking chocolate.

I’ve tried 75% Peppermint dark chocolate and 70% Rosemary and Sea Salt dark chocolate from Mason & Co, the chocolates were mind-blowingly delicious and an adventure for my taste bud.


Kocoatrait Homegrown Chocolate Brand

Kocoatrait is the world’s 1st zero waste, planet-friendly, organic and bean to bar company. They use upcycled cocoa husk paper, non-refined organic muscovado sugar and natural ingredients. You’ll find tasty chocolate bars in flavours like coconut milk, banana, lemongrass, cinnamon, masala chai, lavender and sukku coffee.

I’ve tried Coconut-Cinnamon and Sukku Coffee chocolate bars from Kocoatrait. The chocolates were rich in flavours and very delicious.

Harsh Chocolates

Harsh Chocolates Homegrown Chocolate Brand

A family-run business, Harsh Chocolates has been turning cacao seeds into chocolate since 2001 which are gourmet and delicious. They offer a variety of chocolate from almond rocks to brownie chocolates to hot chocolate stir on to sugar-free chocolate to biscuit chocolates.

I’ve tried Almond rocks and Brownie chocolate from Harsh chocolates which were breathtakingly delightful.

If there was a perfect time to support local chocolate brands, it’s now or never since we have been talking about supporting our homegrown brands which directly supports our Indian economy in these difficult times. Also, I don’t find any reason to not buy these artisan chocolates by Indian brands.

Try these amazing homegrown chocolate brands and thank us later!

If you know any more Indian chocolate brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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