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Vocal for Local – Cheers to Homegrown Spirits that you should definitely give a shot

by Grishma Indap
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From artisanal coffee to organic skin care products, there’s a variety of Indian products with deep local roots, and liquor is no exception. Our desi emotions always emerge after downing pegs of our favourite drink.

But, homegrown spirits in India tend to have less reputation and are judged without knowing its quality and taste. We are quick to select fancy-looking Jack Daniel or Ballentine or Chivas bottles over made in India bottles. Thus, many other Indian brands lacked the spotlight they deserved in front of other foreign brands.

If you perhaps ask any average Indian to name homegrown liquor brands, the majority will answer Kingfisher, Cabo or Old monk. It’s nearly a few years since time has changed. Thanks to homegrown artisanal gin, whiskey, vodka, beer and wine, that are having their moment in India and globally, too! India alone is a wealth of thousand ingredients like herbs, juniper, lemon, spices and thousand more to make a perfect spirit.

It’s phenomenal how Indian liquor brands are sourcing ingredients locally, entering the market and getting their space in every bar menu with its infusions and innovations. It doesn’t come as a surprise on how these brands are coming up with such beauties to make us explore the love for our spirits further. And, I don’t find any reason why not to try these crazy homegrown brands.

If we talk about nationalism and the economy, why not celebrate with homegrown liquor brands that deserve to be recognized and need to be added to your home bar!

1. Paul John Single Malt

Homegrown Spirits in India - Paul John Single Malt

This foreign-sounding brand is a Bengaluru based company that has gained global recognition. Made in Goa distillery company, Paul John has won the title of ‘Great Indian Single Malt’. It has a smooth honey tone with the smoked mocha finish, sharp crispness, spicy and sweet peaty tones.

2. Wood Burns Whiskey

Homegrown spirits in India - Wood Burns Whiskey

Produced in Fullarton distilleries Goa, Wood Burns whiskey is made without any traces of foreign malt and made with 100% Indian ingredients. Wood burns whiskey has dark chocolate, charcoal, smokey and bold taste.  The best part – it is very affordable for its level of quantity.

3. Charosa Tempranillo WineHomegrown Spirits in India Charosa Tempranillo Wine

One of the finest red wines from the Charosa vineyard, Maharashtra. It comes in dark ruby colour and smells like vanilla, coconut and chocolate. You also get a hint of fruity flavours like strawberry, plum and raspberry. Charosa wine is aged for 12 months in a year old french oak barrel.

4. Soul Tree Wine

Homegrown spirits in India - Soul Tree Wine

Soultree wine is the number one choice in many UK restaurants as best paired with Indian cuisine. It is produced in Nashik and majorly exported to the UK. This delicately crafted wine is available in sauvignon blanc, rose, cabernet sauvignon, white and red.

5. Stranger & Sons Gin

Homegrown Spirits in India - Stranger & Sons Gin

Third eye distillery gin claimed by Indian ingredients. Stranger & Sons gin is infused with nine botanicals sourced from India and junipers are sourced from Macedonia. This citrus-spicy gin is made using nutmeg, black pepper, mace, coriander and other locally farmed ingredients.

6. Hapusa Dry GinHomegrown spirits in India - Hapusa Dry Gin

Hapusa is the world’s first Himalayan dry gin that tells the story of India with its essence, aroma and flavours. Juniper berries are sourced from the Himalayan region and botanicals are sourced from various parts of India. The gin has a tone of citrusy-nutty, bold and clean flavours.

7. Smoke Vodka

Homegrown spirits in India - Smoke Vodka

Smoke Vodka offers mystical aromatic spirit with two variants – classic and aniseed that has a bold and mellow flavour. This vodka is perfect for cocktails and it’s very smooth, which doesn’t give a burning sensation, unlike others. Smoke Vodkas are charcoal filtered and distilled five times to create one flavour. The packaging is modern and aesthetic with high demand in the international market.

8. Amrut Single Malt

Homegrown Spirits in India - Amrut Single Malt

The first single malt whiskey made in India – Amrut Single Malt source its ingredients from footfalls of Himalaya and it’s aged in wooden oak barrels with distinct flavours. It has a biscuity, nutty, smokey and rich taste. Amrut is worth all the hype as it is the world’s finest whiskey.

9. Gin Gin by Ginginwala

Homegrown Spirits in India - Gin Gin by Ginginwala

Gin Gin is India’s first hemp craft gin. It is a single shot distilled made of nine botanicals, Himalayan juniper, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, caraway seeds, etc. All the ingredients are sourced from all across India. With the minimalistic approach and design, it makes the gin look rich and classy.

10. Simba

Homegrown Spirits in India - Simba

Simba is one of the best crafted flavourful beers. They started with white beer and their stout doesn’t give a pungent taste like other wheat beers. Each sip of this Indian beer is sharp and refreshing, that has a hint of lemongrass and coriander. Simba is a perfect partner for your every indulgence.

11. Siqera

Homegrown spirits in India - Siqera

Siqera is handcrafted artisanal cider made up of fruit juice and pulp with hand-picked champagne yeast strains. Siqera is the first crafted cidery of its category in India. It offers exotic and delicious variants- classic, apple and mango sparkling ciders.

12. Moonshine Meads

Homegrown spirits in India - Moonshine Meads

Moonshine is India’s and Asia’s first mead. Mead is a versatile alcoholic beverage fermented in honey with various fruits and spices. Their handcrafted, gluten-free meads are made with random ingredients. Some of their collection includes chocolate orange mead, bourbon oaked apple mead, salted kokum mead, guava chill mead, coffee mead, etc.

Other Homegrown Liquor Brands:

Brands like Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Forest Wine, Big Banyan Wine, Rampur Whiskey, After Dark Whiskey, Peter Scot, Greater Than Gin, Bira 91 and many more, also deserve love and support from us. Because these Indian brands are giving us classy and crafted selection which we never had before.

Try out these fun additions to your spirit collection and thank us later!

Bottoms-up-ed on and Cheers to life!

Also, drink responsibly!

If you know any more homegrown liquor brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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