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Vocal for Local – 15 Homegrown Coffee Brands You Should Be Sipping

by Grishma Indap
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Many of us cannot imagine their life without a refreshing cup of coffee, including me. Everyone needs an early morning cup, pre-workout black coffee, stress-relieving coffee, cozy cup in the rainy season, or need to stay awake coffee, it’s a never-ending list. It is the truest form of love, indeed!

India itself has plenty of choices in brews because of our rich tradition of locally grown coffee beans. From strongly pressed espresso to cold brew to simple filter coffee to instant premium coffees, our homegrown brands have it all for every coffee lover out there. Along with traditional ways, more Indian brands are savouring coffees in an artisanal way like french press or aero press. Coffee always had a very interesting journey in India. From bean to cup, the brews surely tell a beautiful story through every sip of coffee.

While nothing may separate us from beloved Indian coffee brands, there are also big foreign coffee brands enjoying a huge slice of the market that is making it difficult for many homegrown brands to get attention and support from coffee lovers. With the rise of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign by our prime minister Narendra Modi, we must support these Indian brands for a better future. This plan promotes the growth and development of homegrown brands and startups so that the dependence on foreign investments is significantly reduced.

So we put together some amazing Indian coffee brands that surely does wonders in front of other foreign coffee brands


      1. The Coffee Co.

Made In India Coffee Brands The Coffee CO.

Started in 2013, only with just two blends and today they have about six blends from light (Morning dew) to medium (Southern estate)  to dark roast (Rea). The renowned range of exquisite blends is also exported to several countries of the world. They also offer their coffee machines Gaggia (domestic), Scharer, Expobar Coffee Queen and brewing accessories like Hario, Athena and Pintinox Moka Pots.

2. Narasus Coffee

Made In India Coffee Brand Narasus’s

Narasus’s is one of the oldest and finest coffee brands of India, established way back in 1926. They are one of the largest manufacturers of pure roasted and ground coffee in India. They have been popular among the South India community, for generations. Along with pure coffee, they also offer premium quality tea, flours and condiments.

3. The Coffee Brewing Co.

Made In India Coffee Brand The Coffee Brewing Co

They are the 6 generation Coffee planters from the famous Chikmagalur region in Karnataka, which is indeed loved for decades by families. The Coffee Brewing Co. offers an exotic range of Premium Arabica beans, 100% Pure Arabic coffee powder, Royal India filter coffee and Decafs. They are also well-known for their flavoured instant coffees from Chocolate to Blueberry to French Caramel and Italian Hazelnut.

4. Koinonia Coffee

Made In India Coffee Brand Koinonia Coffee

All coffees from Koinonia Coffee Roasters are hand-roasted. Through craft roasting, they take beans on the journey to inherent their flavours. They are famously known for brewing equipment and a cask-aged coffee, where the beans are aged in whisky barrels and then roasted.

I once ordered Kelagur (washed) robust coffee that had a blend of Dark chocolate, butter and almond which was breathtakingly refreshing!

5. Blue Tokai

Made In India Coffee Brand Blue Tokai

Delhi based artisanal coffee brand Blue Tokai is a big name in the Coffee Industry. Blue Tokai specializes in single-estate that is grown in the best coffee-growing regions of India and straight-up connect farmers to consumers. They offer multiple coffee flavours from fruity to roasted nuts to earthy. You can also subscribe for regularly scheduled deliveries at your doorstep.

6. The Bolt Cold Brew

Made In India Coffee Brand The Bolt Cold Brew

Why need energy drinks? When you can have cold-brewed coffee shots made with pure Arabica beans that have zero sugar, zero calories and keep you energized. Started in 2019, Bolt Cold Brew serves energized 60ml Coffee shots that fit in the palm with variant flavours like berry, toffee, vanilla, lemon and many more.

7. Leo Coffee

Made In India Coffee Brand Leo Coffee

Started in 1910, Leo Coffee brings out a pure taste of tradition by creating a niche for itself in the world of coffee. A single-estate origin and  100% Arabica, Leo coffee swears by their specific blends, incredible taste and invigorating aroma. They offer shade-grown coffee berries that have a strong enhanced flavour.

8. Black Baza Coffee

Made In India Coffee Brand Black Baza Coffee

Black Baza’s only mission is to conserve biodiversity and bring coffee to the market from biodiversity-friendly farming. The coffee beans are shade-grown, provide sustainable livelihoods for coffee growers, free of chemical pesticides and their packaging is biodegradable, too. They offer high quality yet affordable Arabica and Robusta beans with a blend of different flavours like Dark chocolate notes to fruity flavours.

9.  Ainmane

Made In India Coffee Brand Ainmane

With love from Coorg, Ainmane has been working to create unique offerings of coffee. They have the most expensive coffees in the world – civet coffee,  partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet and later picked then processed. Along with amazing coffee, they also offer an incredible range of chocolates, jams, pickles, honey, spices and nuts.

10. Country bean

Made In India Coffee brand Country bean

Country bean offers instant coffee that is 100% soluble blend coffee with a wide range of flavours to break the monotony of everyday cups. They source their coffee from the best estates of the world and mix them with delicious flavours like hazelnut, caramel, vanilla, cocoa mint, orange and the list goes on and on

11. The Flying Squirrel

Made In India Coffee Brand The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel offers 11 different brews with a rotating menu of seasonal coffees. All their coffee is handcrafted, micro-lot, artisanally made and smells divine. Their Taster’s Whole Coffee Beans 6 pack is a great way of exploring delicious coffee range. They also give you options for some nice brewing accessories, equipment, subscriptions and gifts.

12. Seven Beans Co.

Made In India Coffee Brand Seven Beans Co.

Seven Beans offers seven unique blends of Arabica and Robusta beans. As it is an Indian- Italian venture, you get world-class coffee from both Indian coffee planters and Italian roasters blends. They have three best types of coffees, Urja (medium roasted), Mishta (smooth)  and Eka (nutty and spicy taste)

13. The Indian BeanMade In India Coffee Brand Indian Bean

The Indian Bean has travelled from Nepal to Coorg in search of the best coffee beans. Their freshly roasted, high quality, rich and fair trade coffees are carefully packed into little pouches. They offer five types of coffee, Frowner’s Coffee, Bullet Coffee, Maland Coffee, Bello Coffee and Watapi Coffee.

14. Halli Berri

Made In India Coffee Brand Halli Berri

Founded by a mother and her three daughters, Halli Berri offers sustainable farm coffee, low on acidity, aromatic, grown under the shade, 100% Arabica and hand-picked cherries. Their gourmet coffee carries a honey-dew flavour. You can also stay at their Kambihalli coffee estate in Chikmaglur or stop by their coffee shop, the Coffee Barn Café.

15. Devi CoffeeMade In India Coffee Brand Devi Coffee

The first to sell coffee made by ageing unroasted green beans in whiskey and rum barrels – Devi Coffee based in Goa. They make coffees that come with the aroma of whiskey and rum. They roast the beans daily in special drum roasters, add natural flavours and are custom packed. Devi offers Decaf to Gourmet coffees to Brew accessories to Naturally flavoured coffees.

Vocal for Local – Other Homegrown Coffee Brands:

There are more Made in India coffee brands in the market to establish a consumer base with other well-known brands. Brands like Sleepy Owl, Araku Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, Bru, Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Panduranga Coffee Works, Tata Coffee and Bayar’s Coffee also offer incredibly tasty, sophisticated flavoured and aromatic coffees.

Try these amazing homegrown coffee brands and thank us later!

If you know any more Indian Coffee brands and have tried one let us know in the comments below.

Also, do tell us your favourite ones.

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