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Vocal for Local – 10 Indian Footwear Brands to Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Indian Footwear Brands

When it comes to footwears, the options are umpteen but choosing the one that screams your style and aligns with your personality, is a daunting task! Finding a brand that bridges the gap between style and comfort is what we need the most today and helps the company stand out. As they say, the right footwear can make or break an outfit. So, to make sure your shoe game is on point, you don’t need to go abroad or international brands as our desi companies excel at it, in case you don’t know.

So, hang onto this blog as we’ve curated a list of Indian brands that have created a niche for themselves in the footwear industry and are prominent names in the market.

ParagonParagon Indian Footwear Brands

Paragon had made its entry in the Indian footwear industry in 1975 with a production capacity of 1500 pairs a day. Beginning their journey from the southernmost tip of the country, Kerala, the young brand had taken a step forward to establish its name in the other states too. Now, Paragon has become a brand that sells all over the country and is known for its longstanding assurance of quality and durability to a full range of other footwear products.

LibertyLiberty Indian Footwear Brands

A journey that had begun with a small shoe unit in Karnal, manufacturing a humble 4 pairs a day, now has an annual turnover exceeding INR 600 crore (U.S. $150 million). Manufacturing 50,000 pairs per day, Liberty has indeed come a long way and is known to be one of the leading manufacturers in the leather footwear industry in India. With over 400 exclusive showrooms across the length and breadth of India, and a presence in more than 25 countries around the globe, Liberty is the number two brand in the footwear industry in India.


Relaxo Indian Footwear Brands

There isn’t any Indian, who isn’t aware of this brand or hasn’t worn the indispensable hawai chappalof Relaxo. A Delhi-based company, which started in 1976 with just one product, has established itself as one of the most stalwart, quality conscious and avant-garde Indian footwear companies. Founded by Mr. ML Dua and Mr. RK Dua, Relaxo had an estimated business value of 17 billion in 2015 and is a company that has relentless focus on quality, and later building a brand, with everything else inexorably falling in place. Rewarded for its quality at an affordable price point, that Relaxo for you! Relaxo is the choice of a young India with its sub-brands such as Sparx, Bahamas, Flite, Schoolmate, and Relaxo Hawaii.


Lakhani Indian Footwear Brands

Lakhani Armaan Group came into existence in 1966 with Lakhani Rubber Works, an automotive components’ manufacturing company established by Mr K C Lakhani, in 1966. Today, with plants all over Faridabad (Haryana), Dhar(MP), Haridwar (Uttaranchal) and Noida (Uttar Pradesh), Lakhani are the largest producers of Sports Shoes, Beach Slippers, Sports Shoes with a total capacity of 55.5 million pairs per year. The company has made its mark in the footwear industry for its style and comfort, and is an eminent brand with sports shoes since the last 21 years.


Khadim’s Indian Footwear Brands

Established in December 3, 1981 as S.N. Footwear Industries Private Limited, Khadim’s was initially involved in whole-selling and distribution of branded basic utility footwear. But in 1993, they had emerged as a popular fashion footwear brand. And today, the company has grown to 799 branded exclusive retail stores across 23 states and 1 Union Territory nationally. Khadim’s have the largest presence in East India and are among the top three players in South India. With their core business objective – ‘Fashion for Everyone’ and an established identity as an ‘affordable fashion’ brand,Khadim’s is a go-to brand for footwear.


VKC Indian Footwear Brands

Based out of Kozhikode district of Kerala state, India, VKC was founded in 1984 by visionary Shri. VKC Mammed Koya for manufacturing and marketing Hawai slippers. In 1984, VKC was commenced with just 20 employees in operations and today, the company has created its niche in the footwear industry, not only in India but worldwide.

Red Chief

Red Chief Indian Footwear Brands

A prominent name in the leather industry since 1995, Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd had launched its footwear range under the brand name of Red Chief two years later. Born to meet the growing demand for branded high-quality leather footwear, Red Chief is a complete leather and footwear manufacturer with its own tannery and two manufacturing plants. They constantly work towards developing better material for greater consumer satisfaction and are up to date with the changing fashion trends.


Mochi Indian Footwear Brands

MOCHI – The Shoe Shoppe is the front-runner in the national fashion arena and is a one-stop shop for all your fashion footwear needs. Since its inception in Bengaluru in 2000, the company has catered to the young cosmopolitan Indians, and is synonymous with fresh designs, creativity and spunk to them. MOCHI outshines itself as a mere footwear brand and is a prominent name for its bold style statement that celebrates the uniqueness, distinctness and individuality of the youth.


Inc.5 Indian Footwear Brands

In 1998, Almas Nanda, at the age of 24, had thought of providing women with best of stylish footwear but without compromising on the comfort and had begun her journey from one store in Heera Panna Shopping Centre in Mumbai. Launching Inc.5 with a small store of 100 sq ft and now to a known brand with 225+ shop in shops and 49+ stand-alone stores, across the country, the company has come a long way. Every pair of footwear reflects the artisan’s meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.


SKO Indian Footwear Brands

Proving that home is where heart is, Founder of SKO footwear, Nishant Kanodia had decided to join his family’s footwear business that was running for over 30 years, after working abroad as an investment banker for 13 years. In 2018, Nishant had launched SKO, which means shoes in Danish, a luxury footwear label with Scandinavian design aesthetics of clean looks and minimalism. The footwears are designed at their Mumbai studio in collaboration with European designers and then the products are manufactured in a large-scale unit at Dehradun.

‘Good shoes take you good places’ – probably this is the reason why we can never have enough of them. Right? *wink wink* Try these Indian brands if you want to shop for your footwear and trust us, they are as good as the international ones and will surely earn you compliments.

Let’s come together and support the Indian brands as much as we can! Let us know if we missed out adding some Indian brands on the list, in the comments section below.

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