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“VIRTUAL DATING” During Corona Virus Pandemic

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Nearly half of the world is single and with I are all dating out of the question thanks to the coronavirus there seem to be only one safe option left “Virtual Dating” 

Now for some people that sounds weird or scary but it doesn’t have to be we have the technology. dating apps across the border seeing service and activity some like “Hinge’ are even creating specific dating at home features as we navigate this weird new world of face-to-face non-contact we have collected some tips to make this real dating worth the effort and not super awkward.


look it’s a date not a morning meeting from your bed act accordingly take a shower, put on a nice outfit, do your hair maybe even put on some perfume or cologne sure they can’t smell it but it would make you feel like you’re actually on a date not face-timing your grandparents.

  • FIGURE OUT YOUR CAMERA SET-UP: At least an hour before the date or preferably the day before test your camera set up your photo on a laptop check your lighting look at your background and maybe even try a test call with whatever software you’re using it’s recommended you put your camera at eye level but you can do using a tripod or putting your laptop on a stack of books and make sure you’re not backlit by a bright window that’s a classic mistake that can wash out your face and make you look worse.

It doesn’t have to be much but try to plan an activity you can prepare a meal or drink together do as how-and-tell is your coin collection or maybe even play a virtual game together. it doesn’t matter what you do but anything is better than staring into each other until you run out of things to talk about it’s reasonable to talk about.dont just sit ideally and see each other face that will make you both embarrassed. Hence, doing something is a great idea.

  • DON’T TALK ABOUT CORONAVIRUS WHOLE TIME: A massive world event that’s changing society as we know it but don’t take up the entire date with Corona talk it’s emotionally and mentally draining but more importantly it won’t give you a chance to learn about your date and vice versa and that’s the entire point of the date in the first place. Talking about the same things and it’s the situation over and over again will make the conversation dull and irritating therefore try to come up with new interesting topics so that you both are involved in the conversation and are into each other for a long time. 

SEXY VIDEO CALLS ARE A THING: You may be questioning the entire point of having a virtual date because even if you have a good time you saw it all got to well get to business but while you can’t have the real thing at the moment virtual sex over video chat is a thing and worthwhile if both participants are into it there’s nothing wrong with getting an offer of these time.

    So,  if you both are of a creative mind and just can’t help sitting and talking, then you can try out this idea where you and the person with whom you are on the virtual date can plan an art project to do all together. Yes, you can do all this over a simple video chat. You can use whatever art supplies you have available at that moment. You can decide on something either to draw or to paint. For reference or landmark, you can pick any image from Google and share it on your screen. In the end, you both can share how are your craft skills and how it looks with the final touch. 

This is another fun idea to spend some great time on the virtual date. Trust me when you both will get completely involved it will feel like a real date. Services like Netflix, Amazon prime provides the option of chatting on the same screen while watching a movie. The feature has also got a lot of attention since the covid and social distancing time and people all over the world are widely using it. Though Netflix only supports text chat services. For a more amazing experience, you can talk over the phone on other apps like discord while you watch. 


If you simply do not mind someone watching you while you drink or eat then you should try this on your virtual date for sure. Put on some decent clothes and order your favorite food or eat something that is cooked. Now you can carry out the casual dinner by chitchatting with the person right in front of your screen. Make sure he or she also joins you while eating as that may make you feel a little awkward. You can include some delicious cocktails or mocktails to make the dinner date more fun and interesting. 


 So if you’ve been texting someone for a while and want to see their face go for it and ask for a virtual date they might be super into seeing your face too. These ideas are super perfect to have a successful virtual date. With this virtual dating concept you won’t be missing your happening and beautiful dates anymore. Also, do not miss the chance to impress your partner as this will be the only date that will decide whether you will be having the other or not. So good luck! And a very happy dating with these amazing dating concepts. Let us know your favorite one in the comment section below. Also do not forget to share the post with your friends too. 

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