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Tribute to Beirut

by Shehnaz Gujral
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At six in the evening
When folks were set to meet
Oldies and kiddies at home
The echoes of the boom
The resonance of the kaboom
Mistaken for crackers and fireworks

Oh! The fateful was a fatal Tuesday
Peter,Jack or Maha, mere bodies now
Like a lunatic wailing for mortals
Many dead as doornails in the debris
Photoshoot of the maiden in bridal train
White satin gown,a blum bag in the black sky

Monster rose out of the waves
Giant bite shivered the port
Flamingos and cats statues on the go
Deafening silence of the fearful footsteps
Soundproof fall of coins,trinkets and bottles
Scarlet red, coloured the messy pavements

One ray of hope in the injured inning
Granny’s lullaby to Beirut on her keyboard

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