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Hey Guys, hope you all are doing well. Here I am with a new search of Indian brand for your favourite, Dates. In today’s blog, I am going to tell you all about dates. Basically, dates are fruit which comes from the date palm tree. There are more than 30 types of dates in the World, but in India, there are six types of Dates which we consume. Here I will tell you the benefits of Dates and types of Dates available in India. These brand are Indian as We have to make India “Aatmanirbhar”. I am going to tell you all the brands which are “Made In India”.



Dates are full of fibre which are good for health. Fibres help in the process of weight loss. Fibres also help to improve digestion, and it controls your blood sugar.

  • HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS – Flavonoids, Carotenoids and Phenolic Acid are the main antioxidants which are present in dates. Flavonoids are helpful in reducing inflammation, Cancer, Diabetes and Alzheimer. Carotenoids help in eye problems like macular degeneration and give a good heart. Phenolic acid lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases.
  • NATURAL SWEETENER – Suppose you are searching for an option of Sugar during your weight loss journey. Dates will help you the most. You have to make a syrup of date and use it like Sugar. They taste like caramel. It will save you by the use of Sugar which is not good for health.
  • HELPFUL IN NATURAL LABOUR – In the last days of the pregnancy consuming, Dates can be helpful in inducing the labour. Many research says that consuming dates in the last days of pregnancy helps in dilation of the cervix.

As I said earlier, In the World, there are more than 30 types of dates, but in Indian, we consume six different kinds of dates.


Medjool is the most popular type of Dates consumed in India. Medjool dates are yellow in colour and large in size. We use to make they are full of shakes, smoothies and desserts with Medjool dates.


Ajwa dates are smooth and sweet. They are easily available in India. Though they are a bit costly but are full of nutrition and helps in many health issues.


Safawi dates are sweet and fleshy. Safawi dates are best as they consist of healing property. It also kisses worms if it is being consumed in an empty stomach.


Barhee dates are the seasonal one. Barhee dates are so good when they are consumed raw. They are soft, fleshy and smooth. The sweetness depends on how ripe the dates are.


Khudri dates are the popular one. They are dark brown in colour and sweet in taste. It refreshes and energizes with the smooth texture and sweet taste.


Kimia is the most delicious because of its meaty texture. Kimia has a unique flavour which is used to make many desserts.

These are six types which are popularly consumed, but there are many other types available. These type of brands are easily available in India. And the top of it what if we have Indian Brands of dates. Here I am going to tell you all 10 Indian brands of Dates. Let’s Go and find your favourites.


INDIAN DATES BRAND - LION DATESLion dates are the largest dates producing and selling company of India. The founder of The company Mr P.Ponnudurai established it in 1978 in the greenery of Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu.

They make dates and date products and serves all over India. Their smooth quality and texture of the dates is the key to their success.


Lion Deseeded Dates- Rs.148 for 500 gms

Lion Delicacy Dates- Rs.550 for 1 kg


INDIAN DATES BRAND - ROSTAARostaa is the dry fruit brand of Royal Dryfruits Pvt Ltd., And it was established in 2000 by Mr Sameer Lalani. The origin of the brand in Mumbai, India. They serve the finest and royal dates. Rostaa has many variants available online. They make superior quality dates With smooth texture.


Rostaa Medjool Jumbo Dates – Rs.1680/- for 650gms

Rostaa Gourmet Dates gluten-free – Rs.980/- for 680gms


INDIAN DATES BRAND - AMAZON BRAND SOLIMO DATESAmazon is now the most popular selling app in India. They have launched their brand named “SOLIMO”. Amazon Brand Solimo dates are 100% naturally dried and premium in quality. They are used to make healthy shakes and desserts. They are available at Amazon. Whenever you feel like munching you can go for this healthy alternate.

Price- Rs.500/- for 500gms.


INDIAN DATES BRAND - HAPPILOHappilo is the brand of Happilo International Pvt Ltd. Founded by Vikas D Nahar in 2016. This brand makes smooth, fleshy and soft dates. The dates are full of sweetness, and you can use them as the alternate of Sugar in your diet. Just make dates syrup, and you are good to go. You can use them in Shakes, Milk, Salad as a natural sweetener. There are many variants of the Happilo Dates.


Happilo Queen kalmi dates – Rs.245/- for 200gms

Happilo Omani Dates – Rs.175/- for 250 gms


INDIAN DATES BRAND - EAT ANYTIMEEat Anytime is the brand of a person who was a foodie. But At a moment, his body was trying to convey something, and he understood what does his body want. He started eating healthy food, and then he realized how tasty, healthy food could be. And The man was Rishit Sanghvi. He and Rohit Garodia started two brands “Eat Anytime” and “Mindful” under “Wholesome Habits Pvt Ltd”. So as you can feel the motive under making thins brand, You also can understand how healthy and tasty their dates will be. So don’t think twice go and try it. They are soft, sweet and melts in the mouth.


Eat Anytime Mindful Safawi Kalmi Dates – Rs.600/- for 400gms


INDIAN DATES BRAND - URBAN PLATTERUrban Platter is owned by two brothers Chirag Kenia and Dhawal Kenia. They started this brand in 2015 with the idea of providing ingredients for health, Diet and culinary of your choices. They provide healthy Dates which you can enjoy anytime when you feel like munching. It gives you instant energy.

The company believes in plan-based diet, so they use natural things to make their products.


Urban Platter Mazafti Dates – Rs.340/- for 400 gms


INDIAN DATES BRAND - SUGAROUSSugarous is India’s one of a kind brand which makes only organic products which are all-natural and plant-based. They make kimia dates which are juicy sweet. They are full of fibres and loaded with Vitamins. They also make products like coconut sugar, natural palm sugar and dried apricots.


Sugarous Kimia Dates – Rs.320/- for 400 gms


INDIAN DATES BRAND - EFFAR DATES AND DRYFRUITSEffar Dates and Dryfruits is a Mumbai based company which was founded in 1994 by a passionate businessman whose dreams were big. They make dry fruits, dates, spices and many products. Effar provides hand-picked dates which are premium quality. It is so helpful for heart diseases and weight loss.


Effar Dates and Dryfruits Ajwa Dates – Rs.850/- for 300 gms

Effar Dates and Dryfruits safawi Dates – Rs.525/- for 500 gms


When I was a kid My mum use to give Dates as an evening snack or whenever I want chocolates, here I’ve tried to provide some Indian Brands of Dates for you all as this is the need of Our country that we use “Made In India” products and become “Aatmanirbhar”. Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.

Till then, Bbye. xoxo


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