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Top 5 excellent lipstick brands that are purely made in India! 

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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As a girl, irrespective of age we are crazy after lipsticks. And why not lipstick can elevate your makeup game in one stroke. And if not the whole makeup application of only lipstick on your gorgeous lips can make you look simply stunning. Well, millions of cosmetic brands make lipsticks.

But now is the high time we focus on the made in India lipstick brands and promote our Indian companies. This will eventually help in creating brand awareness of our Indian lipstick brands and will simultaneously improve the GDP of our economy which is decreasing rapidly. 

Cosmetics and makeup are one category in which 90 percent of the women invest in willingly and are interested in experimenting with different shades, colors, tones, textures, and various other brands. Today we have curated the list of top 5 made in India lipstick brands which are purely made in India from scratch and as in India, we need to go vocal for local and switch to these brands right away. Apart from that, these lip shades brands are really of excellent quality, and hence you will never regret switching over them and would enjoy experimenting with them. 


The top 5 lipstick made in India brands are




Blue heaven 


Now, let’s jump into the list and have a closer look at all these brands and check what different types of appealing lipsticks they make. 



The number one brand in our list of makeup products is Nykaa, which is one of the most popular and largest cosmetic shopping destinations all over India. Though, the brand tends to serve users with all the brands which are non-Indian too. But at the same time, Nykaa has recently launched its makeup segment. Falguni Nayar found the company in 2012. Apart from makeup, Nykaa deals with providing and making the best skincare, bath care, and other wellness products too. Nykaa products great variety of lipsticks from creamy to matte. And no doubt the texture and the quality of these lipsticks are superior and can definitely can beta the other international brands too. The most famous lipstick series of the Nykaa is the liquid matte which comes in various shades like Jaipur, urja, Kashi. These lip shades are very deep in color and come in the right size for affordable prices. Not only this the packaging is also very impressive. 

Bestsellers of Nykaa lipstick

● Nykaa so matte

● Nykaa so creme

● Nykaa ultra matte



Vinita Jain found the company in 1992. Biotique is established its name in making excellent ayurvedic skincare, haircare, and recently makeup products too. The company is well known for blending Vedic science with new cosmetic technology. Biotique brand carries a legacy built on purity and sustainability. Biotique has recently launched. It’s all-new natural makeup series which consists of lipsticks, blushers, kajal, and other stuff too. The makeup series launched by the biotique is wholly infused with skincare which makes it unique. Biotique lipsticks come in 15 magic shades which are very creamy and makes your lips look softer and fuller. The price range is also very affordable. 

Best sellers of biotique lipsticks

● Biotique barley there

● Biotique ladies night

● Biotique pretty poison

● Biotique cookie crumble



Lakme is another Indian cosmetic brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever. The brand has A-grade celebrities as their brand ambassadors like Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Pandey. The brand was started in 1952 as the honourable prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was concerned about the aspect of women spending a lot of money in foreign exchange for beauty products. Over time the brand has made a tremendous journey by the inclusion of exclusive makeup and skincare products. Lakme launches many types of lipstick series. Out of those, 9 to 5 is the most popular series and exploded the market right after its launch. Lakme makes all types of lipsticks like matte, creamy, liquid, ultra matte, and mixed too. 


Bestsellers of Lakme lipstick

● Lakme 9 to 5 weightless mousse lip and cheek colour

● Lakme absolute lip tint

● Lakme enrich satin

● Lakme absolute definition sculpts hi ultra-matte lipstick.



The journey of this fantastic company started long back in 1994. The amalgamation of the two young brothers named Mr. Charanjit Singh and Mr. Gurnam Singh started this journey altogether with big dreams and imagination. With their hard work and exotic ideas today, the company has reached an extraordinary level and is one of the highest cosmetic selling company all over India. The company not only makes fantastic lipstick which is creamy and infused with akin care they also make all the makeup products which are of superior quality. Blue heaven makes different types of lipsticks like matte, super matte, ultra, and liquid too. 

Not only has Blue Heaven kept pace with the fashion trends but has also acted as a benchmark and trendsetter in the beauty cosmetic field. With almost four decades of persistent presence in the industry, the blue heaven company has carved a niche for itself, making it one of the trustworthy and reliable brands. 


Bestsellers of blue heaven lipstick

● Candy matte lip colour

● Non-transfer velvet wine lip colour

● Elegance creamy lipstick 

● Non-transfer maroon lip colour


5. Elle18

This young and vibrant brand is the choice of every woman these days. The women who love to define their living statements go willingly for this best cosmetic brand. The brand provides users with their funky and exotic collection of cosmetics. The brand was launched by Hindustan Unilever and had Anushka Sharma as its brand ambassador. One of the highlights of the company is it’s cold and adorable packaging which is loved all over India. Not only this, the brand manufacturers over 60 poppy lip shades which goes very nicely with Indian skin tone. The super cute range not only looks good but feels great to carry along anytime anywhere. The super cute range of lipsticks launched by Elle 18 not only looks good but feels great to carry along anytime anywhere. The best part is that the excellent provides with the most affordable pricing and cute packaging. 

Bestsellers of Elle 18 lipstick brands

● Elle 18 Pink Fever 22

● Elle 18 Baked Peach 09

● Elle 18 Rosy Blush 27

● Elle 18 Pinken 31

● Elle 18 Roasty Red 15

● Elle 18 Maroon Iris 18

Tips to choose the perfect lip shades for Indian skin tone

Well, Fashionista has declared that neons are the shades of this season. But those are Fashionista, and they can experiment with whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean you cannot. Here are some tips that will help you in picking the right lip shade for your Indian skin tone. 

●    Fair skin tone: Dark shades are going to compliment your skin tone. But medium shades like brown, peach, apricot, and red will look gorgeous on people having this skin tone.

●    Wheatish skin tone– girls having this skin tone can carry any lip shade confidently. They look great with dark and bold tones of lip shade. 

●    Dusky skin tone– brown and berry lip shades look perfect on dusky skin tone and make them look stunning with a simple stroke of these lip shades. 

●    Dark complexion– if you are one of those who have darker skin tone then you can go for shades like brown, dark, coffee and purple. 


So here were some of the fantastic tips that will help you in choosing the perfect lip shade for yourself. 



So our dear readers, here are the excellent top 5 made in Indian lipstick brands that are amazing. Flaunt your gorgeous lips with these beautiful best selling lip shades in India. You can access these brands easily either online or through the retail stores. Suppose you have any queries related to any brand or about any other thing. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below. The lipsticks manufactured by these brands of superior quality within an affordable price range. Also, it is essential to support the Indian brands and make our country Aatmanirbhar. Do not forget to share this post with your friends too! 



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