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Top 10 Made In India Mattress Brands You Must Buy

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Welcome back to another new and exciting blog about “Made In India Brands.” In today’s blog, we are going to tell you about Mattresses. If you want to get a good night’s sleep after a day’s fatigue, you will need to select your mattress very well. Today, we have brought for you the 10 Best “Made in India Mattresses brands,” which you must need to know about.

We are going to highlights the best mattresses one by one for your better evaluation. Also, we will be discussing the types of mattresses.

Types Of Mattresses: You may not notice, but a mattress is a place in your home that you spend most of your time in. So because of that, before you run off and buy a new mattress, You should have some information about the different types of mattresses. Coming to types of mattresses, they come in several different variants with an additional feature. We recommend you go through the types first to decide which types of mattresses will serve your needs.

Spring Mattresses: 

  • Gives more support
  • Firmed type
  • Ideal for people with back issues
  • Affordable

Coil Mattresses:

  • Made by coconut coir fiber and merged with lattice solutions
  • more dense and firm mattresses
  • moisture absorbent
  • an expensive and sophisticated version of the mattress
  • natural organic mattress

Foam Mattresse: 

  • Gently conforms to the shape of your body
  • Can adjust to body weight and temperature
  • Relives back and neck pain
  • Give the comfort

Hybrid Mattresses: 

  • The bounciness of pocket spring mattress
  • More comfort
  • Multiple layers of memory foam
  • Very expensive


Made In India Mattress Brands


Made In India Mattress Brands - Kurl-onKurl-on is one of the leading mattress brands in India. It is founded in the year 1990 by Mr. Ramesh Pai, and their headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka. Kurl-on mattresses are created from the very best materials and utilize the most recent technologies to ensure the clients have a wonderful experience. The business has developed and now produces mattresses in 126 different configurations. Pan-India, they’ve partnered with a system containing more than 10000 traders, 72 divisions.

Following are the various products of Kurl-on:

  • Foam
  • Spring
  • Rubberized coir
  • Therapeutic



Made In India Mattress Brands - SleepwellSleepwell is one of the very best providers of sleep support goods in India. It is the chief manufacturer of the Sheela Group. The business focuses on creating the usage of the absolute best and latest in global technology and producing products as per the needs of the customers. This brand is extremely well-known in India as they offer massive options like Spring Fresh, Premium, Back Service, Flexi –Puff, and many more. They’re very hi-tech and utilize the latest technology in mattress manufacturing.

Following are the various products of Sleepwell:

  • Spring Fresh Mattress
  • Back Support Mattress
  • Premium and Flexi Puffy Mattress


Made In India Mattress Brands - RubcoKerala state Rubber Co-operative Limited(Rubco) Established in 1997 in Kerala.  N Chandran is a chairman of rubco.Now, from one unit firm, Rubco has become an Rs.280 crore conglomerate using well-diversified surgeries and also a market presence expanding beyond the bounds of Kerala. Rubco manufactures and markets a variety of products from footwear to furniture, from virgin coconut oil to mats and mattresses. It offers seven kinds of mattresses which serve the purposes of various kinds of users. The range contains the conventional mattresses, high end and luxurious ones, and the distinctive orthopedic products. The thickness and size are dependent upon the purpose for which the mattress is used.

Following are the various products of Rubco:

  • Dosth
  • Yathri
  • Safal
  • Heal
  • Heaven
  • Relief
  • Hi-Tech



Made In India Mattress Brands - SpringwelThe journey started in 1996. The Springwell is known for its quality of spring mattresses. Springwell is the first company that introduces spring mattresses in India. They started their manufacturing unit at Bhiwandi, Rajasthan.

Following are the various products of Springwell:

  • Spring Mattress
  • Coir Mattress
  • Bonded Mattress
  • PUF Mattresses
  • Latex Mattresses


Made In India Mattress Brands - WakefitWakefit is another made in India brand who manufacture world-class mattress. They started operations in 2007 on a small scale in Delhi with a vision to manufacture the best quality mattresses at affordable prices. Wakefit is Currently manufacturing two different kinds of mattresses and planning to produce more very soon. Their mattresses are known for softness and for their foam quality. They also know to manufacture mattresses, especially for orthopedic users.

Following are the various products of Wekefit:

  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress
  • WAKEFIT Orthopedic Memory foam Mattress.


Made In India Mattress Brands - PepsPeps Industries Pvt Ltd, is one of India’s leading spring mattress companies founded by Mr. K.Madhavan. It is the only brand in India to offer at least half a dozen mattress variables within the innerspring segment every year. They have been associated with the world’s 4th largest Inner Spring Mattress company, Restonic Corporation of USA, and Restonic is a manufacturing mattress since 1938.

Following are the various products of peps:

  • Spring Koil
  • Spin Guard
  • Restonic
  • Crystal
  • Zenimo


Made In India Mattress Brands - DuroflexworldThe next made in India mattress brand is Duroflexworld. The founder of Duroflexworld is Mr. P.C. Mathew. His pioneering vision and determination drive Duroflexworld, to be the best in the mattress manufacturing industries. Duroflexworld found in 1963 in Kerala and become India’s best sleep solutions brand with unrivaled trust, unmatched expertise, and many industry-first innovations.

Following are the various products of Duroflexworld:

  • Rubberized coir mattress
  • Luxury mattress
  • Spring mattress
  • Puf mattress

MM Form

Made In India Mattress Brands - MM FormIndia’s one the leading mattress manufacturing brand is known as MM Form. MM Form founded in 1957. Sixty decades back, when mattresses were mostly made from cotton, MM FOAM revolutionized the art of sleeping with latex mattresses. The change from cotton, dust-mite-resistant, and sterile latex mattresses captured on immediately. Together with MM Foam, individuals found themselves sleeping more soundly, eventually rid of body aches and pains. And now, MM Foam is India’s biggest selling latex foam rubber mattress manufacturer-new.

Following are the various products of MM Foam:

  • Pincode mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
  • Dual mattresses
  • Coir mattresses

The Sleep Company

Made In India Mattress Brands - The Sleep CompanyAs per the name “The Sleep Company” is proven to offer some of the wonderful mattresses, and the best part is that it is entirely made in India. The sleep Company is the best-selling mattress in India, made with a mission to update the sleep quality for every single individual. Their mattresses are the outcome of years of study, and each layer was crafted with Sleep Science in its base in order to make sure your sleep is Happy & Healthy. It is no memory foam, no foam, no spring, made from Hyper elastic polymer; the smart grid is designed to give you the most luxurious plush sleep with a blend of back support. If you are ready to buy their product, then the company will give you a free 100-night trial.

Following are the various products of The Sleep Company:

  • Smart Luxe
  • Smart Comfort
  • Smart Ortho


Springtek Mattress

Made In India Mattress Brands - Springtek MattressNamit Goel founded this company in 2011. This company has started a revolution in mattress industries with Fabfurnish.com. This company is known for its high quality of products and fantastic customer services. The company always wants to believe in developing the best quality sleep mattress at affordable pricing. They have been sold more than 2 million products since 2011. The best part is that they have their own manufacturing unit so that their product is also cheaper than anyone else.

Following are the various products of Springtek:

  • Coir Rubberised Mattresses
  • Pocket Springs Mattresses
  • Pu FoamMattresses

Takeaway: So dear Indians, we hope you like our Top 10 Mattress “Made In India Brands.” Select your favorite one according to your needs. We just need to say that in today’s world scenario, we need to support our nation and our manufacturers, and to do so, we all need to go for “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” and make our India the “AATMANIRBHAR” nation.

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