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Top 10 Made In India Cosmetic Brands Every Girls Dream To Buy 2020

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Top Cosmetic brands in india

List of Top 10 Made In India Cosmetic Brands

Since the most recent couple of years, the Indian restorative industry is going solid and continuously growing with additional developments in the future. The two people spend heaps of bucks for makeup and magnificence items, which have become a significant aspect of our lives. Our skin is the biggest and one of our body’s essential pieces, which ought to be thought about appropriately. 

In India, many driving brands fabricate beauty care products. In any case, picking the correct item from this broad scope of beautifying agents isn’t so necessary. We check for the brand foundation and perceive how well known it is and take a gander at their mainstream items. For the most part, we figure out such things to pick the correct item for our skin. 

1. Vicco:

 Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Vicco products https://viccolabs.com/ for more details 

Vicco Laboratories was set up in 1952 by Late Mr. Keshav V Pendharkar. In 1959 Late Mr. Gajanan Keshav Pendharkar joined his dad in their privately-run company. He had effectively detailed the primary Ayurvedic Toothpaste on the planet with 20 uncommon restorative regular spices. He is instrumental in drawing out the main yellow-hued face cream known as Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream, an Ayurvedic Product. Directly from its commencement in 1952, the VICCO Group of organizations has been diagramming a relentless course that shot the gathering into the worldwide spotlight. VICCO Group has developed today as creators of the best globally known Ayurveda results, the antiquated Indian arrangement of regular medicines.this is why its on no 1 in our list Top Made In India Cosmetic Brands.

Best Seller Product:

● Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream

● Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream In Oil Base 

● Vicco Face Wash


2. Emami

Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Emami products http://www.emamiltd.in/ for more details

Emami is India’s one of the most famous and fastest developing individual and healthcare services organizations, with a fortunate arrangement of cosmetic and household brand names, for example, BoroPlus, Navratna, Fair and Handsome, Zandu Balm, Menthol Plus Balm, Fast Relief, and Kesh King. This company was established in 1974. If we talk about their portfolio, they have more than 300 + items dependent on ayurvedic plans. Emami’s present activities involve more than 60+ nations, including SAARC, MENAP, SEA, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the CIS nations. More than 130 Emami items are sold each second, someplace far and wide. Emami Limited, the Group’s lead organization, recorded a turnover of Rs 2655 crore in 2019-20.this is why its on no 2 in our list Top Made In India Cosmetic Brands.

Best Seller Product: 

● Emami Fair and Handsome 100% Oil Clear Face Wash, 100g

● Emami 7 oils in one hair oil, non-sticky – 300ml

● Emami Diamond Shine Crème Hair Color, 3.0 Dark Brown, 40g

● Kesh King Anti Hairfall Shampoo with aloe and 21 herbs, 340ml


3. Boroline

Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Boroline products https://www.boroline.com/ for more details

Boroline is another cosmetic brand of India which is owned by G.D.Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. The company was established in 1929 in Kolkata by Gourmohan Dutta, a Bengali merchant. Over the years, the brand’s popularity soared, and it became an icon of national economic self-sufficiency in a nation that was still under British rule. It is still one of the most popular brands in India. A practical patriot, he was convinced that the best way to help India was to contribute to her economic self-sufficiency. To actively do this, he decided to manufacture a quality product equivalent to their foreign counterparts.

Best Seller Product:

● Borolone antiseptic night cream

● Borolone ayurvedic cream


4. CavinKare:

Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy CavinKare products https://cavinkare.com/ for more details

When worldwide organizations were selling their shampoos in massive jugs, which just the rich could manage, Mr. Chinnikrishnan was investigating rural regions of South India, where shampoos were not utilized. When he exhibited to them how to use shampoos, he could see their enthusiasm for using them. Cleanser was not seen as merely one more item. It was viewed as a desire that isolated the rich from others. Carrying cleaner to the majority was not only a great business thought that would shake MNCs’ basics. It was the start of another insurgency where an everyday person could dream of enormous things and revamp India’s set of experiences.

Best Seller Product:

● Meera Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

● Meera Conditioner

● Meera Herbal Oil

● Meera Strong and Healthy Shampoo

● Meera Hairfall Care Shampoo



 Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Lakme india products https://lakmeindia.com/ for more details

Lakme is the most famous brand in India, having a place with Unilever, began by Tata on the solicitation of the Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. It’s the most liked and generally utilized brand in this nation and adored by cosmetics craftsmen. Lakme gives a broad scope of items, keeping up quality and amount. Their reach starts from those moderately valued to the expert level reach. Their space incorporates healthy skin items, cosmetics items, nail items, and so forth. Lakmé was the nation’s FIRST COSMETIC BRAND to acquaint makeup with Indian ladies and invests heavily in being the master on Indian Beauty for more than 50 YEARS. 

Best Seller Product:

● Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Deep Black

● Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 Compact

● Lakme 9 To 5 Complexion Care Face Cream

● Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer Body Lotion

● Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Creme



 Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Vlcc india products https://www.vlccpersonalcare.com/ for more details 

Established by Mrs. Vandana Luthra as a marvel and thinning administrations focused in 1989, VLCC is today generally perceived for its extensive arrangement of magnificence and wellbeing items and administrations and appreciates an elevated level of shopper trust. The VLCC Group’s activities at present range 330 areas in more than 150 urban communities and 14 nations across Asia and Africa, including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Singapore.

Best Seller Product:

● Indian Berberry Face Scrub. Product Claims

● Almond Under Eye Cream. Product Claims

● Sandal Cleansing Milk. Product Claims

● Skin Defense Rose Water Toner. Product Claims

● Water Resistant Sun Screen Gel Creme

● Gold Facial Kit


7. Elle 18: 

Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Elle 18 india products https://www.nykaa.com/brands/elle-18/c/834 for more details

The next Indian cosmetic made in India Brand is Elle 18. This company is a flagship of Hindustan Uniliver Limited. Elle 18 is a well-known brand among little youngsters – school young ladies and adolescents. Their items come at entirely reasonable costs and are top-notch items, offered in different crazy tones that draw in little youngsters a great deal. Their reach like shading pops, shading bombs has the most fantastic techniques ever. Their space incorporates nail tones, eye tones, lipsticks, and so forth.

Best Seller Product:

● Elle 18 color burst lipstick

● Elle 18 nail pops

● Elle 18 kajal

● Elle 18 blackout eyeliner

● Elle 18 lip smoothies lip gloss


8.Himalaya Herbals: 

 Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Himalaya wellness india products https://himalayawellness.in/ for more details

That man was Mr. M. Manal, the organizer of Himalaya. That spice was Rauwolfia Serpentina, the motivation that prompted the production of Serpina, the world’s first common antihypertensive medication, dispatched in 1934. Mr. Manal’s fantasy about finding the riddles of nature started in the year 1930. He was resolved to bring individuals the guarantee of nature’s mending power, tackled through logical examination. Himalaya Herbals is additionally a very notable Indian homegrown restorative brand. Their broad scope of items has nearly everything from excellence to medical services. The excellence range has skin and hair care items and kajal in the cosmetics range.

Best Seller Product:

● Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack

● Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Walnut scrub

● Himalaya Purifying Neem Peel-Off Mask

● Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream

● Himalaya Nourishing Body Lotion

● Himalaya Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream


9.Forest Essentials:

 Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Forest Essentials india products https://www.forestessentialsindia.com/ for more details

 Forest Essentials is an Indian beautifying agent, skincare, and scent organization with practical experience in Ayurvedic arrangements for its items. It was established in 2000 by Mira Kulkarni in New Delhi, India. All the things are made utilizing age-old Ayurvedic definitions and contain just unadulterated fundamental oils, cold squeezed vegetable oils, and plant separates. 

Best Seller Product:

● Forest Essentials Advanced Eternal Youth Formula- Date and Litchi

● Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub

● Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser- Amla, Honey and Mulethi

● Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Facial Serum With 24K Gold


10. Jovees: 

Best Cosmetic Brands Made In India - Buy Jovees india products https://www.jovees.com/ for more details

Again, it is an Indian Herbal makeup organization celebrated for its skin health management and hair care item range. Jovees Herbal began in September 2004 with only 24 items and fantasy about making inventive and compelling items that would increase our client’s lifetime value. Probably the most notable things are Lip salves, Face Packs, and Kajal. Today, we have a broad scope of more than 130 items in skincare, haircare, and homegrown magnificence with a strong presence in India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, France, Maldives, Australia, and Spain.

Best Seller Product:

● Jovees Pearl Whitening Face Wash 

● Jovees Natural Neem Face Wash

● Jovees Anti-ageing Face Mask

● Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion


so beautiful, beautiful Ladies. We hope you like our Top 10 Cosmetic “MADE IN BRANDS.” As we know, the country’s most significant need is to be “VOCAL FOR LOCAL,” and Indians need to become “AATMANIRBHAR.” We must use only the products we make. I hope you like my suggestion. Check and groom yourself with the Made In India Cosmetic Brands. Pick the best cosmetic brand according to your choice and requirement. Also, the best part is all these brands are very affordable but of excellent quality too. Till then, Bye.


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