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Top 10 famous made in India Footwear Brand In 2020

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Top 10 famous made in India footwear brands

Footwear is the most important thing that carries us for the whole day long. Also, these shoes elevate our style game instantly. So from being comfortable to go stylish, these shoes can do everything at once. Therefore, we need to have a decent pair of comfortable and stylish shoes. Indian brands have been working on unique designs and patterns which have changed the trends in Indian markets. Hence, we highly recommend trying out these top 10 famous made in India footwear brands that will provide you with the superior quality of shoes with a great initiative to take our Indian markets to higher and established levels. 

Mentioned below are the best footwear brands that are solely made in India. These brands, no doubt, provide you with an affordable range of stylish footwear efficiently! Let’s check out the list now. 


1. Paragon: 

paragon shoes logo made in India

  1. Paragon began in 1975 in Kerala. In the year 1982, after turning into a well-known brand in Kerala, Paragon entered different states. 
  2. Obliging millions with the guarantee of durable footwear, Paragon has developed to turn into the No.1 footwear brand in the nation. 
  3. The Paragon Group of organizations is viewed as No.1 in the sorted out elastic footwear area. 
  4. Paragon additionally has an in-house footwear configuration group devoted to making new plans and models to stay aware of market interest. 
  5. While elastic footwear keeps on being its driving item. The Paragon brand name brings its longstanding confirmation of value and solidness to a full scope of other footwear items made of Poly-urethane, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Ethylene-vinyl Acetate, and Thermo Plastic Rubber bottoms. 
  6. Today, Paragon’s complete creation in house limits is 4 Lakh pairs per day. The all-out sales are approximated to 14 Crore pairs every year.     
 Paragon Official Website 


2. Lakhani: 

Lakhani shoes logo made in India

  1. Lakhani has made its mark in the footwear industry in 1999, founded by Mr. K.C. Lakhani and situated in Faridabad, Haryana.
  2. Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious name in the shoe production with a comprehensive exhibit of contributions under different brands and classes throughout the previous 21 years. 
  3. Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. is the biggest maker of Sports Shoes, Beach Slippers, PU Injected Sports Shoes, PVC Injected Sports Shoes with an absolute limit of 55.5 million sets for each year. 
  4. It has been fabricating shoes for driving brands and has set up a solid partnership with the worldwide activewear producing goliath, Adidas. 
  5. Lakhani Footwear has a complete presence across India through its dissemination organization of more than 350 entire vendors and retailers. 
  6. The organization is perhaps the most significant element in footwear production and is looking advances to growing at a vast scope in the coming years.
 Lakhani Official Website


3. Khadim’s:

Khadim's logo made in India

  1. Khadim’s is the most popular and leading footwear brand in India started in 1981. Founded by S.N. Footwear Industries Private Limited.
  2. From 1993, with its attack into retailing, Khadim’s developed as a well-known design footwear brand.  
  3. We are one of India’s most significant marked footwear retail major parts as far as restrictive stores working under the Khadim’s image through our Retail vertical. 
  4. We have the most significant presence in East India and are among the best three major parts in South India. Our Distribution business vertical has a reliable organization of 544 wholesalers. 
  5. Under the competent authority of Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Siddhartha Roy Burman, Khadim’s has broadly developed to 799 marked elite retail locations across 23 states and 1 Union Territory. 
  6. Their mission is to Ensuring client joy and partners return by conveying quality items at a reasonable cost through the broad retail organization.
 Khadim Official Website


4. Liberty :

Liberty logo made in India

  1. We at Liberty Shoes have been forming footwear for well more than 50 years for the style-cognizant individuals worldwide. 
  2. At present, with a yearly turnover surpassing INR.600 crore, we figure among the leading five makers of cowhide footwear of the world, creating more than 50,000 sets a day utilizing a limit of more than 3 lakh square feet of calfskin every month.
  3. They have clients over 25 nations that incorporate a portion of the known worldwide style objections like France, Italy, and Germany. 
  4. Freedom produces 50,000 sets of footwear daily. They have six assembling units, 6,000 multi-brand outlets, and 350 select showrooms, with 50 galleries external India.
 Liberty Official Website


5. Relaxo : 

Relaxo logo made in India

  1. Relaxo is made by two brothers Mukund Lal Dua & Ramesh Kumar Dua, in 1976.
  2. Both the siblings take their dad’s footwear business to what Relaxo is today – one of India’s leading and most famous footwear organizations. A commonly recognized name, in a real sense.
  3. Relexo footwear is famous for its comfortless and Durability.
  4. Relexo has a wide range of comfortable, durable, colorful, latest, fashionable footwear for Women, Men, kids, teenagers, and even oldies.
  5. Relaxo is equipped to meet the quality and decision desires for a youthful India with its sub-brands, for example, Bahamas, Flite, Sparx, Schoolmate.
  6. With almost 300,000 sets fabricated day by day, Relaxo Hawaii keeps on the meeting, across India, the clients’ severe requests for top-notch footwear.
 Relaxo Official Website


6. VKC : 

Vkc logo made in India

  1. VKC was established in 1984 by founder Shri. VKC Mammed Koya, based in Kozhikode, Kerala state, for assembling and showcasing Hawai products.
  2. VKC becomes India’s number-1 footwear manufacturing, as its daily production is around 0.4 million pairs.
  3. VKC has consistently been in the front line for adjusting innovations to bring out the best quality item at the most severe cost.
  4. VKC introduce their first product with the name of VCK Hawai in the market.
  5. VKC footwear is known for there best quality and affordable price. 
 VKC Official Website



Red chief logo made in India

  1. Red Chief is a flagship of the Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd, founded in 1995.
  2. The footwear of Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd was introduced under the brand name RED CHIEF in 1997 in the open market.
  3. Red Chief has started its footwear manufacturing with its small manufacturing plants.
  4. Red Chief manufacture footwear only for men’s fashion and lifestyles.
  5. The brand is known for its unique and trending footwear for men.
  6. The organization has additionally overwhelmed the style of business with their endeavor in the attire and embellishment area.
 Red Chief Official Website


8. Lunars : 

lunar logo made in India

  1. Lunars is also one of India’s leading and respected footwear brands, established in 1975 by Mr. Isac Joseph Kottukappally, situated in Thodupuzha, India.
  2. Lunar has its manufacturing plants in Kerala, Karnataka, and even in Tamil Nadu.
  3. Quality gets the most extreme need in Lunar’s, and the organization carefully follows a Multi-tire Checking System to guarantee quality, solidness, and greatest flawlessness on each pair created.
  4.  Lunars is an easily recognized name in South India and several states in the North. The organization has gotten a few honors of greatness from the Government just as numerous different renowned associations.
  5. Quality, Durability, beauty, and cost adequacy filled in as the key elements producing buyer interest for Lunars’ footwear.
  6. Lunars possesses an undeniable Research and Development wing zeroed in on presenting new plans just as redesigning the current models.
 Lunars Official Website


9. Mochi :

mochi logo made in India

  1. Mochi is an all-inclusive resource for all design footwear requirements alongside a complete combination of shoes, purses, belts, socks, versatile cases, foot care, and shoe care items.
  2.  Established in 2000 in Bengaluru, India, MOCHI – The Shoe Shoppe is a leader in the public design field spread more than 136 outlets in 50+ urban communities.
  3.  The primary MOCHI store opened in 2000 on Commercial Street, Bangalore, and has developed into an inseparable brand from new plans, innovativeness, and grit for youthful Indians.
  4.  Mochi footwear is for the individuals who have faith in doing their absolute best, ALWAYS!
  5.  The Mochi footwear choices are adaptable and befitting each event
 Mochi Official Website


10. Metro :

metro logo made in India

  1. Metro is one of India’s oldest footwear brand and started in 1947 in the year of liberation at Colaba-Mumbai, India.
  2. In recent years, the organization and the brand have gotten inseparable from unparalleled quality, expert craftsmanship, and high-design items in the footwear business.
  3.  For each one of those who love shoes out there, Metro Shoes offer the one-stop objective to pick the correct pair of footwear.
  4.  With Metro, you can locate an enormous assortment of running footwear in all sizes and styles, all inside a couple of snaps and offering you the most staggering footwear choices from practically all the first-rate brands like DAVINCI, SKECHERS, and CROCS.
  5.  They offer men, ladies, and child’s shoes ideal for any and each event at Metro. Directly from sports shoes to shoes to flip-flops, there isn’t anything that you can’t discover at Metro to supplement your clothing.
 Metro Official Website



Here is the list of top 10 Indian Footwear brands that you should include in your lifestyle as we said that this is the time to support our nation and support the local brands. We need to support Indian government campaigns like “Vocal For Local” and make our India the “Aatmanirbhar” Nation. We hope you like our list; till then, Bye.

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