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Top 05 Indian Freelance Content Writers You Need to Check ASAP!

by Vanshika Khare
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Content writing is one such profession that requires one to have a creative bent of mind. It’s a terrific concoction of creativity, adaptability and research skills with a mastery over the magic of words. It is the skill of being able to communicate effectively with mere words and weave an atmosphere of literary bliss.

In today’s world of the internet, it is impossible to stay untouched by the wonder of content. We consume enormous amounts of content every day but how often does a piece of writing strike our minds and stay with us? More often than not, we tend to forget what we read or pass by, but that’s exactly where an extraordinary piece of writing unleashes its magic. There’s something about some pieces which makes us stop and appreciate the creator for their top-quality work.

If you are looking for somebody to give your business a digital boost, you’ve come to the right place. We bring to you five such top-quality, proficient freelance writers who have made quite a name for themselves in the content writing sphere. They create effective, quality content and have a natural flair for originality, creativity and excellence based on in-depth research and market analysis.

1. The One Chosen by Google: Bhavik Sarkhedi

A globally recognised freelancer, Content Consultant and Founder of India’s fastest-growing content marketing agency ‘Write Right’, Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of the most renowned names in the content writing industry. An author of three bestsellers, Bhavik is top in his game with his originality, professionalism and creativity.

His brainchild ‘Write Right’ provides overall solutions to all your content requirements; from SOPs to resume writing, from technical blogs to website content, they deal with all. One can always expect high quality, SEO-friendly content which can boost your website and give your business the much-needed push.

A firm believer of ‘Content is King’, Bhavik delivers excellent work with a tint of authenticity much loved by his readers. An entrepreneur, mechanical engineer and stand-up comedian by nature, Bhavik for sure knows his way around a plethora of things, giving him an edge over the others.

Ranked as one of the best content writers by Google, Bhavik is a top choice for all. With expertise in ghostwriting, email writing, copywriting to social media writing, he has many feathers in his cap. You can be assured to receive nothing but the best in the market for your business needs with Bhavik Sarkhedi.

2. The One Who Can Add Wings to Your Business: Janhavi Mishra

“Choose quality over quantity and have patience, you will grow. Diamonds took around 1 billion years to form. “

-️ Janhavi Mishra

With versatility, accuracy and originality as her weapons, Janhavi sure knows how to give wings to your business and let it soar high. Delivering high quality, well researched and grammatically correct articles, Janhavi specializes in not only written content but also aesthetically pleasing graphical content. With an amazing capability of multi-tasking and meeting deadlines, she caters to all your content needs.

Ranging from SEO Content Writing, Product Reviews, Copywriting to Blogs, Website Landing pages and Social Media Marketing, you name it and Janhavi shall be more than happy to deliver high quality, creative and original content. A top-rated freelance content writer, she specialises in technical as well as non-technical content with around 10+ more categories to choose from.

Proficient in academic writing, Janhavi is like a knight in shining armour for students. She delivers extremely well-written case studies, research papers, resume, SOPs and student assignments with no compromise on quality, efficiency and accuracy of any kind. Providing graphical content services like flyers, logos, thumbnails and posters, Janhavi has left no stone unturned on her pursuit of excellence in her words.

A goal-driven, passionate individual, she understands the needs of her clients, works closely with them and delivers top-notch content, tailored to fit your business needs like a glove. You can be assured of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency when Janhavi takes up a project and delivers nothing but the best!

3. The One Who Specializes in Technical Writing: Sweta Panigrahi

An ordinary piece of content speaks of your service. A good content compels your reader to come back for more. The best one is what helps them make a foolproof decision in your favour. Meet Sweta Panigrahi, a freelance content writer who has worked for clients wide and far. Be it technical or non-technical content, Sweta makes sure that her writing is quality driven which is instantly relatable. She has written several blogs, articles, website contents, video scripts, email campaigns, social media posts, and more. What sets her apart is the simple yet effective form of writing free of jargon. Her secret of being relevant traces back to the target audience research.

If not writing for clients, you can find her scratching and rewriting poems and quotes for her Instagram page and LinkedIn profile. She is also an avid reader, an absolute Potterhead, and a Neil Patel follower. With the goal of making freelance a viable career option, Sweta has been volunteering and mentoring many youngsters, sharing the tips and tricks she learned in her 3+ year of freelancing career.

4. The One Who Turns Businesses and People into Online Brands: Hardik Lashkari

In the highly competitive and dynamic world of business today, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to leave their mark. With hundreds of business companies coming into play each day, it is imperative for brands to create a place for themselves in the market. With so many options to choose from, it’s natural for a company founder to feel lost as to where to begin. That’s exactly where our branding guru and freelance content writer, Hardik, comes into the picture.

With his expertise in creating a brand image and brand awareness on the internet, Hardik has taken numerous businesses up the success ladder with his amazing skills and an eye for detail. He specializes in creating a strong, terrific personal brand with the help of high-quality LinkedIn posts, Quora answers and articles for reputed publications.

His magic lies in his commitment, hard work, excellent research skills and creativity which helps any business to shoot up into the sky of fame, credibility and success. He creates exceptional website content, social media posts, blogs and articles, presentations, newsletters and pitch desks to elevate your brand visibility and get your brand name out there.

One of the favourites among his clients, Hardik is known for his simplicity, dedication and quality in his work. A subject expert in taxes and finances, he is the right guy for all your business, content and marketing needs.

5. The One Whose Marketing Skills Are Just on Point: Pritha Sen

Pritha brings with herself an experience of 4+ years in the industry catering to all your business requirements. She writes professional content to attract the target audience, create a unique brand presence and promote your business in the most effective way fetching more clients just for you.

Her unique style with fair proportions of accuracy, punctuality and originality yields excellent quality results. With organic marketing and better SEO scores, Pritha can fuel your business to reach heights with her content and marketing strategies. Having worked with some top clients in her 4+ years of experience in the industry, her professionalism and research are unmatched.

Pritha excels in E-Commerce, Finance, Branding & Marketing, Lifestyle and Career Education and should be your first choice for all things marketing. Her clients never fail to admire her skills and expertise in establishing the brand identity, expressing the motto and improving the business as a whole.

Her sweet smile and witty words mixed with her incredible skills make her a top favourite freelance content writer among the clients. She definitely knows her way around marketing and branding and can easily surprise you with the magic of her words aimed to create wonders.

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