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The Surreal Dream !

by Anirudh Bhardwaj
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A charming girl came in my dreams last night.
Dressed up as a warrior, she held her might!

I was in a dungeon, locked away forever.
There-in my strength gradually began to sever.

It seemed like some war was going on.
Ravaged lands, lifeless soldiers with no more brawn.

Alone in the dungeon, drifting away from the bereft of life.
Till the warrior princess arrived with a giant sword, not an ordinary knife.

Her eyes locked on to me as she broke through the cell door.
I was astonished while her majesty got off her lion and jumped on the floor.

Immersed in respect I bowed down to her highness.
Looking into her eyes I could feel the presence of a lioness.

“Oh, Get up, for we must get going,” declared her mighty.
Vaguely, I nodded and started towards the lion a little flighty.

Escaping the castle, we fled away to our homeland.
Yielding a sword, she had an army to command.

On our way back we encountered a dragon so giant.
Up-swinging her sword she beheaded the beast with riant

Sometimes it’s the princess that saves the day!
Out-shadowing everyone around her with a sway.

My heart was beating with a pace so fast.
Unable to say a word like some spell has been cast.

Clinging on to my emotions, I quietly rode with her. 
Her eyes then made contact and that’s when it started to get blur.

Being around her made me feel safer and relieved.
A wise warrior in whom everyone blindly believed.

But I realized I woke up too soon. 
Yawning and sleepy, looking like a goon.

Going back to sleep was all I wanted to do then.
I hope I meet her again, The brave princess, saviour of men.

Regretting only one thing and feeling kind of lame,
Least I could do was to ask the Princess her name.

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