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The Skinny tale!

by Olivia
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skinny story
I have always been the skinny kid!
It was not too big of an issue when I was a child but things became troublesome as soon as I hit puberty.
All my mates looked fit and fine whereas, I looked malnourished in front of them.

They were all growing up into a beautiful lady while I could still slip into my childhood dresses. To be honest, at first, I liked slipping into my cute little dresses but soon the fun got over because now people started commenting on my body.
My parents and relatives were so much worried about my health (they still are). I was made to visit doctors because they thought I was deceased and physically unfit to survive. The doctors assured them that I was perfectly fit and fine but they never really believed them. I even tried so many diet plans, nutritional drinks. It was really tough to follow those diets because it was too much food for me and as a matter of fact, I ate a lot anyway but it never got reflected in my body so I had to eat more than I could and usually ended up vomiting.
Things got worst as I reached high school. Everyone looked like an adult already and I was often called names, it was fun for them but not for me. I mean no one likes to be called ‘pole’, ‘matchstick’, ‘hanger’, and what not! I was even repeatedly asked if my family ate up all the food and didn’t give me any. I was really irritated by all these and was so insecure about my body.
Anyway high school ended and I was so used to all the jokes that were cracked on me that now I simply laughed whenever they made a joke on my body. I reached college and things were the same but the intensity varied. People were more open-minded now. I started modeling, which by the way people asked me not to because they don’t take skinny people and curvy is the new trend. I always liked modeling so I did it anyway. As days passed by, I realized it’s not cool to comment on someone’s body. All those who did were wrong. There’s a line between showing actual concern and body shaming.
Now I don’t even listen to any hateful comments on my body and I do what I got to do. I love the body I am in and I am proud of myself for not letting the world drag me down.

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