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The Scottish Rain & Wee Love

by Amhaanlaya
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Tik Tok on heels towards queens Square
It looked like dark endless night
High on scott malt & endless clink of champagnes
My hair playing with the wind of Misty Glen on my Bare back

 Remembering ;
The walk out from a mountain side stag
with your hand on my back, Under the Stermm
& your cashmere around me keeping me warm
But i frizzle away on the winter street to sing & dance my Love
On Empty street, Flindrikin & Fret
As i see you hold your mind & its beset
You trying to catch hold as i drift away
Dancing as Feetle with Feetle
Twirling & Jumping on you to hold between my arms
My innocence make you smirk
As the admiration of Kid in Kirk
You entangle your fingers to mine, bending towards & looking into me
In the middle of the snell night
You swept me by the feet
& the breath i behold to greet
When you lips meet mine
Fingers run through my hairs
I feel home in your arms even surrounded by Haar
With your wee glance & soft whispers
The chaos has faded & we stand in the middle of no where
staring into each other living the last dream
wrapping into each other
My lips go dry even in scottish smirr
When your fingers touch my waist
the loch chills run down my spine
The Willow &  oaks would be spinning our stories
when we are long gone
With the winters crayon
The wind, Snow, Air & Rain
The Mist & Mighty Glen
The walk under Stoating on Queen street brings back
the Memories of Love surrounded by mountains back Again…..
Meaning of Scottish words used :
Stermm – The staff of Stars
Flindrinkin – Just some bout of snow here & there
Feetle – A word used to describe that magical swirling, twirling, dancing kind of snow that makes you want to build a snowman
Kirk – Scottish designed Church
Haar – Wispy Scottish wind gliding from East
Smirr – The annoying drizzling kind of rain that ruins your day.  It manages to soak you slowly  and completely for sure
Stoating – When it rains so heavily that the drops bounce of the ground.

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