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The Proposal !

by Anirudh Bhardwaj
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It was the first day of Spring.
Glowing sun, Bees humming and Birds Chirping.

He was waiting for her in the Park,
Sitting on a bench it wasn’t so Dark.

“I’ll tell her my feelings”, He said to himself;
He loved her more than she could love herself.

He was Scared, Nervous and Excited at the same time;
as the Ring, he had bought, shined with a Chime.

After he called her, he experienced a feeling pretty rare;
As she hung up saying, ” Okay I’ll be there. “

He sat there for two hours but she was nowhere in sight;
Soon the day started converting into a moonless night!

Hope and belief in love is what he was losing;
Soon the Guard came, “Get up for the Park is Closing! “

He went home, devastated and sad;
He had every reason to bathe in sorrow and be mad!

He gathered enough courage to dial her number;
His body went numb and heart went Limber.

But her mother answered the phone;
Come to the hospital” she said in a low tone.

Janet was hit by a car and injured her head,
While she was going to the park to meet Fred.

She’s Conscious for now“, said the Nurse;
Talk to her normally but stay terse.

She barely opened her eyes to see;
Fred was holding a ring, down to a Knee!

She smiled and said, “Count me in! ”
Thus ending this verse with a Happy Spin.

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