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The Pandemic: Some thoughts to ponder

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Third quarter of 2020 and the world is waiting to complete the last quarter of the Pandemic Year with a hope to fight and curb Covid-19. News channels, websites, printed media, or social media for that matter cover the common concern- Pandemic and vaccine for Covid-19. Though it is anathema to the masses, yet it is the only concern at the moment.
Going back to the facts and figures, the first confirmed case has been traced back to 17 November 2019 in Hubei, China.

As of July 2020, almost 15 million cases across 188 countries have been reported. It is common to have catastrophic thoughts as we are shrouded with the dark clouds of anxiety, uncertainty, fearing everything on the line, and endless search leading to a blind road. Right from young minds to old folks, worst-case scenarios pre-dominate our thoughts. Endless ‘what ifs’ aggravates Cortisol, the stress hormone which indirectly confines our critical and creative thinking.
Social distancing and quarantine are a privilege of the rich. A poor vendor or a rickshaw puller cannot be forced to stay indoors. Sitting idle and endlessly without meeting two square meals is outside the realm of possibility. Refugees in ill-fated places like Yemen and Syria stay in crowded and temporary places. Not only is social distancing implausible, even basic hygiene being questionable. Forget sanitizers, they don’t get soap or clean water.
These hard lessons will be instrumental in bringing evolution. This pandemic has helped us understand nature and mankind at its best. It has taken out the best as well as the worst with transparency. The international hierarchy of three super powers: USA, UK and Russia have upended. Even the most emerging super power China has failed miserably to keep the effects of Pandemic at bay. Rather, least developed countries have gained newfound recognition. Supremacy in medical research, mannerism and culture have gone to the dogs. Patience could have helped control the situation. The most superior species, the man known for great thinking mind failed bitterly. History repeated after a century but man again proved to be a slow learner. He bartered entertainment and recreation for the house full cemeteries.
Instead of focusing on problems, we need to divert to the solutions. A scapegoater can call it ‘China Virus’ to satisfy the ego. World which has come to grief cannot survive with mourning only. At the moment, this calamitous calamity is beyond the control but life has to move ahead. It’s time for introspection and retrospection. Nature will play its role in cleansing the planet and reviving the flora and fauna. It will bring back greener and cleaner planet, endangered species, and bountiful natural resources. We can try to bring a balance playing our roles to the best. Implementing public health measures is the only way out to run the show. Philanthropists and the runners in the rat race of the richest in the world can step forward to help the migrant labors, refugees and the scientific invention of the vaccine. We are not the entire ocean but a small drop in it.

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