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The Pandemic Has Affected All Of Us. Why Didn’t The Astrologers See It Coming?

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Why Astrologers Didn't Predict Coronavirus?

You can hate it, love it but simply can’t ignore it! That’s the impact of astrology in India. And admit it or not, but at least once you would have seen what’s in store for you in the zodiac prediction column in the newspaper.

To brief you about the subject for today, astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. Just when a baby is born, first his janam patri (birth-chart) is made, which is a map to the placement of the planets at the exact moment you were born and it holds the key to your unique life path and personality. Be it the birth chart, tarot readings, or the zodiac predictions, when the tough phase comes in our life, we willingly or unwillingly resort to astrology predictions. The advent of digitalization has contributed to the prevalence of online astrology. There is a gazillion of astrologers across India, who have devoted their lives to studying this subject.

Remember how you have bought the expensive and exclusive tickets to spend the New Year Eve with your friends, siblings, family, or bae? Today if you look back, don’t you feel it was a complete waste of money? Imagine partying to welcoming the ache din of 2020 and all you got in the first four months is pandemic! The pandemic has affected all of us. Who saw it coming? While the astrologers claim to predict the future, then why did no one warn about the pandemic? 2020 arrived with the dawning of a global pandemic and the astrologers could have foreseen the challenging year of our lives. 

Now if the reports are to be believed, some astrologers are claiming that the virus will disappear quickly, some claim that they had predicted the year 2020 to be tough for everyone. Believe it or not, but 2020 pandemic has reportedly increased the revenue of a popular astrology website by 42%. Gone are the days of talking parrots and crystal balls, just like everything, astrology is online too and the prolonged lockdown has furthered everyone’s belief in the pseudoscience. Even the Google Trends shows the surge in an increase in the search of the word ‘astrology’ soon after the pandemic had hit our nation.

During the pandemic, most people fear to lose their jobs, recession, their health, business, career, future, delayed weddings and even the relationships that have gone for a toss amidst the lockdown, the related questions have hijacked everyone’s mind. And what better than seeking answers for the same from an astrologer? The pandemic was uncertain and just like no astrologer had predicted this inauspicious crisis, they cannot tell us when the situation will get back to normal, when will the virus leave, or when the economy will pick up. But still, people shelling out anywhere between Rs 12 and Rs 400 a minute to online astrologers to get a glimpse of the future. In fact, the astrologers or the tarot card readers have a chock-a-block schedule and are doing overtime as they are receiving a higher number of queries.

Do you think it’s high time to turn and rely on science and logic instead of filling the pockets of online astrologers? Keep us posted!

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