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The Lady in my Life

by Akansh Dubey
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The Lady in my Life

I was alone, Struggling with my present, future and past 

Suddenly the theater  called planned a recast 

I saw her in the class, she was at the podium & me  at last

I, immediately had a crush, coz she seems to be unsurpassed 

I saw her speak … She was DAMN confident 

I just wished her ‘passenger’s seat’ didn’t have an occupant


our friendship started, in a flash, I became ‘addicted’  

It terrorized me, since I had some “heavy goals” listed 


But somehow I gathered my strength and was ready to confess

I was frightened to the soul, as my history was a ‘mess’ 


She calmly listened and then she said, “RELAX!” 

“for now, let’s concentrate on the repo, reverse repo and tax” 


I was relieved as she turned out to be an angel 

I don’t believe in GOD but I started believing in ‘miracle’


The days passed and the weeks went 

we came closer if you know what I meant 😉 


She Loves, She cares, I m not kidding I swear! 

Wherever m I and She is there 

I Laugh I cry I joke I yell

despite my mood, she is there 

I ran I fell I win I fail 

I might be Hemang Badani or Chris Gayle 

I might be with her or there somewhere 

I do not worry coz I know she is there 


She loves to party, it cud be shady 

I call her baby, but she prefers a lady 

She does not fight, She does not strife 

Shez not just the part rather Shez my whole Life 

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