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The first SUPERHERO of my life

by Akansh Dubey
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The first superhero of my life

Today is 31st July.  It was supposed to be just another day. But it seems different.  Usually, every year,  on this day I’m a bit excited for August – as my birthday is approaching –  but this end of July is not the same. There is a rush of ‘responsibility’  through my veins,  which is making me strong and scared at the same time.  STRONG because of the responsibility itself and SCARED because of the thought that ” will I be able to do it so efficiently and calmly?” ( Like he did it). He provided us all the luxuries he could afford and much beyond what he himself has enjoyed. Whenever I asked him for money,  he never asked WHY?, but asked HOW MUCH?.  When my mom cried he stood as a symbol of strength. He never let the emotions take the better of him. When he was at home,  we don’t have to worry about anything because he was the superhero of the house. 

Fun Fact: As a child, I used to believe that if the time demands than my father could even diffuse a bomb or fight 10 wrestlers at a time or solve the most difficult mathematical equations! 😉  


 When I entered my adulthood I argued with him because I wanted him to do things my way and think like me, keeping aside the “ironical” truth that he is the person who taught me the triple art of talking (speech), walking (deeds) &  thinking (thoughts). 


The  Oldman of the house is retiring today.  I want him to know he is the trunk of our family tree, the strongest pillar of our home and he is loved so much by all in the family ( me,  my sister and mother).  I wish I could take the responsibility half as good as he did. 


Your proud son 


( bachchoo) 

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