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The first kiss in Antarktiké

by Prithvi Gulati
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The first kiss in Antarktiké - MyBlogUs

The vast white yet to be fully discovered,

was all we could see.

Hand in hand, in the remote wilderness,

and the untouched peaks amidst the icy mist,

stood beautifully.

She asked, “Why are we here baby?”

To which I replied, planting a kiss on her forehead, “to romance delicate in a fragile habitat.”

The curves of her lips that drew me closer,

Her touch made me almost cold.

The way she smiled at me,

made me fall for her once more.

The wandering albatross and petrel encircling the water,

where the wildlife was unaffected by human interference,

and one could see diving, the enormous blue whales.

After witnessing the icy pancakes, I stared at the most beautiful sight for the second time.

The place served with minimum sunlight,

and more with cascades of ice.

I fantasized about our numerous kisses, bringing back the smile,

and brighter the weather got when we embraced each other on an isolated continent full of stars at night.

Her captivating beauty, and beautiful eyes,

We initiated our first kiss in the midriff of the southernmost continent.

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