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The Deceived Doctor

by Saksham Kailoo
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The Deceived Doctor 2

Born in a luxurious family,
She was the only rose in a class full of seeds. Graduated from the premier institute of medical sciences one could dream of, Gave her heart to a guy, while she was pursuing her MD. Almost for three years, the guy used to make her very special like she’s the only moon in the night full of stars.

After her studies, She got a reputed job in a Renowned Hospital. They were happily dating, The guy then returned his hometown for his parents and of course in search of a job. After the 5 years of their relationship, the guy who was still a savings account without a balance proposed her by saying that I’ll work with you in that hospital where you’re working, after that we’ll work in a clinic which I had already opened and also I have already arranged a job for you in my hometown.
The girl is unaware of the disaster which was on its way after the pleasing silence agreed to marry him.
After the marriage, As per the Sweet Poison given to her, they moved again but the guy refused to do a job there, by ruling her to resign the job Of Medical Superintendent, as his parents were left all alone.
The girl agreed and sacrificed her job which anyone could dream of.
Both of them moved again, She was left all shocked because there was no clinic or job ready for them, As the family of her husband misguided her before the marriage.

The Deceived Doctor
After all this, The flower still didn’t get dried, As she didn’t want any crisis in their relationship as well as families. Her husband was still a savings account without a balance,
But she managed to work in a clinic near her Laws house and also got a contractual job there. The journey to heaven was smooth till there,
Because she was unaware of the Snakes inside her house. Her in-laws used to manipulate their son to beat her. Every 4th day in a week they used to beat their daughter in law demanding the dowry and to do household work.
There was no boat present in the harsh sea by which she can get the support.
One night her husband strangulated her and by the god’s grace, she was able to defend herself.
The next morning, She decided to change her path instead of crossing the harsh sea. So, she leaving the snakes all alone decided to move back to her parents.
She had already lost her great job, her husband was not supporting her,
The dark clouds began to rain for a month.
She didn’t get any call from her in-laws and her husband, which was the most turning point in her life to reawaken her respect again. After some days, The sun behind the dark clouds shined again.
The flower blossom again. She decided to give divorce her husband, and continue with the rest of her life Again as Medical Superintendent.
Where during her job, She met a Flower-like her, A man for whom her respect, her woman should be the first priority.
In the end, it’s what supposed to happen. Learn to trust God and his beautiful plans for you. Luck favors the brave.

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