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The Black War

by destineejenkins
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There is a war on black bodies

I am not to blame for the mental illness that has been inflicted upon me

The mental hate that has transpired

That same mental oppression that has stripped me of my freedom

I am not to blame for the discrimination you have placed on my people to make us look like the animals you just so exemplify

That same wildness you possess that’s caused the messiness of my body’s casualty to be displayed on the frontline

There is a war on black fem bodies

I am not to blame for the disappearance of my existence

My blood is not your drink when you get thirsty

I will not feed you my soul so you can be youthful

My tears are not your meal

and I am not to blame for the richness of my skin, the circumference of my hips, the fullness of my lips will never speak your language

There is a war on young black bodies

I am not to blame for the suspension of my education bc you refuse to teach me

I will not be silenced to derogatory statements

I will not stand to a song by a man or a country that does not believe in my freedom

I pledge allegiance that the flag of the united states of America can fuck its self for which it stands NO nation under my god

Its divisibility of my people from freedom for which we have no justice in America

Therefore is no justice for all

There is a war on my pregnant black body

I am not to blame for my product of being to be placed in a system of racism

you can’t have my baby as your personal kickstand

we are not your punching bag

keep your hands off my child

keep your fucking hands off my child

there is a war on my black body

why should I have to die for you to live

why should I suffer while you sit privy on your throne of white privilege

why is your white silence suffocating me

why is your black silence suffocating me

why are you suffocating me

this war on black bodies has to end

I will not be silenced until

my freedom,

your freedom,

our futures freedom


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