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Terrifying Ouija Board True Story that Will Give You Chills

by Grishma Indap
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terrifying ouija board true story

Some believe in Ouija games and some do not! Few say it’s powered by psychological subconscious effect, whereas few believe it’s powered by the nearest spirit that guides the responses. Why has it created so much obsession over the past many years? Because we have seen Ouija board scenes in TV and movies over and over again. And, you also get it easily online in India.

So, here’s the story of my friends’ encounter with the Ouija board. This story will make you question reality. Honestly, even I’m not sure how true the story is but it gave me chills!

On 25th July 2018, it was raining heavily and my friend decided to have a sleepover at her place. They were 5 of them, eating and chilling together for a bit, and suddenly one of her friends was like, “We should play Ouija board, I’ve got the old vintage ouija board in my brother’s closet.” Since she was staying 2 blocks away, she brought the board. They had never played an Ouija game before. Everyone did a little research online on how to make Ouija work and rules.

Terrifying Ouija Board True Story that Will Give You Chills

They all closed the bedroom door, switched off all the lights, and lit a candle. They placed their hands on the planchette and started asking cliche questions like “Is anybody there in the room?” In the beginning, it moved to no but after 2 minutes it suddenly moved to yes, everyone was freaking out. Everyone was convinced that they were doing something scary and what if they would draw down spirits or ghosts or any paranormal activity. One of the friends in their group took over and asked the spirit, “Are you a good spirit or a bad one?” It moved to a good spirit and then it stopped moving. They all started asking about their personal life and the planchette was moving on the right letters. They all were in shock and the answers were 100% correct! Even though everyone was almost terrified, they wanted to make real contact with a spirit, so they asked the spirit to give some signs that the spirit is actually in the room. After a few seconds, the lights began to flicker and the air around them grew colder.

Terrifying Ouija Board True Story

They all looked at each other and at this point 3 of them ran to the living room. The other 2 friends continued the so-called communication with the spirit and had gone much farther than they had planned. They saw a shadow of a teenage girl wearing something from the antiquated era. One of them tried to ask the girl about how she died? but when they did, the candle suddenly threw itself directly on them. They all started screaming at the top of their lungs, one of them was holding up his shirt revealing a small open wound that almost looked like a knife attack. The supernatural paranormal experience really got to them.

My friend’s parents heard the screaming, they came upstairs to see what happened. The parents insisted her friend burn that Ouija board and it upset my friend’s mom enough that she wouldn’t let her daughter have sleepovers again. They have never used aboard ever since. The friend who was injured is fine now and she can’t really stand being alone in the house, especially at night.

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