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Stop chasing your ex if you want him back!

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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So you are already broken and running after your boyfriend to make up things, and he is not willing to talk to you even! Well, why do you want to run into him when he is not even interested. I am not saying to forget about him and move on in your life. I am going to help you in getting your ex back with some marvellous tips.

Getting your ex back is not an easy feat if you keep approaching him day and night and continuously put your efforts. That’s the worst tactic you can play around your ex to get him back! If you keep running to your ex, calling him messaging him all the time that makes it clear for him that you are desperate and vulnerable for him. But all you want is his love.

Boys are not easy to handle at such times. But remember that “no man is an island”. In this ultimate guide, we will help you in getting your ex back with these proven and the guaranteed tips.

Now, without wasting your time in crying more about your ex let’s jump onto the magical list that will help you in getting your ex back!


  1. Play the reverse psychology game

When it comes to breakups and makeups, reverse psychology is the most powerful tool. The only thing required with this technique is your patience. You need to calm yourself and let your boyfriend think that you are entirely gone from his life. It would help if you stopped chasing him so that he can chase you back. Once your ex-boyfriend starts thinking that why aren’t you coming back to him or Calling him, he will automatically come back to you. And reverse psychology has the power to turn the tables and change the game entirely! So what are you waiting for stop chasing him right away!

  1. Cut off the entire contract

This is going to be very hard and tough on you, but you have to do it. The no contact rule will make your boyfriend realize how much he misses you and wants you back. And for that to happen, there should be no contact between you two. We would recommend you to cut off the entire connection with your boyfriend for complete four weeks, and that includes

  • No calling your boyfriend
  • No texting your boyfriend
  • No contact through any social media like messenger, Facebook, Instagram.
  • No spending time with common friends
  • No running into him even accidentally.

The secret behind the no contact rule is that you are doing this to make him realize and miss you. More importantly, you are even detoxifying yourself. Commonly whenever a break happens, it’s a human tendency to start worrying and panic about the consequences. But even you need to let go of everything inside you. And give yourself time and space to realize fo understanding how you feel about it.

  1. Spend some time with your friends and family

You might have got very less time to spend with your friends and family. But it is important to get out of that net of feelings and see and feel the other aspects of your life too. Doing this will divert you from all the tension of your ex and will give you enough energy to move on in your life. Not only this, even your friends and family are important, and they deserve some great time from you. Therefore, leave your ex and the feelings and go ahead. If he realizes he is going to come back to you.

  1. During no contact become a new person that your ex cannot resist

Well, while giving your ex enough time to think about you and the relationship which generally boys take a longer time. Change yourself positively. We are not asking you to become an entirely new person. Just become a person your ex couldn’t resist being with. It may include some good qualities, physical appearances or some personal quality of your that he never liked. You can start working out and get back in shape, or you can also get a magnificent and super cute haircut. The first time when your ex will see you after the no contact period, his jaws should be dropped! Yes, by visiting your bright new smile, your fresh new look and body in new clothes that he left willingly.

At the same time, you also need to make sure that it is very important to change your mentality too. Being a happy and confident person is not only important in getting back your ex but also a great boost for you again.

  1. Give yourself enough time to grieve

You might be thinking who asks to cry when you are already in a very tough situation. Well, do you. It is important to give your emotions huge importance. Cry as much you want to. Feel bad as much as you wan to. Be sad till the time you feel you had it enough. Once you are done dealing with these emotions, you can think very clearly about everything. You can realize what the broken thing between your ex and you is. What and how you exactly need to fix it. Maybe this time you can even conclude that you don’t want to continue or stay alone for more time. It can go either way. That’s why it is very important to be on your own for some time and cut off your ex.

  1. Contact your ex at the right time and make him attracted to you

Remember when your ex left in what situation you were? You were all needy, desperate, vulnerable and pathetic. But after the no contact period, your ex will start forgetting about these things and will remember only your attractive qualities. That’s the exact point when you need to meet him. He will be surprised to see what brought so much of positive change in you. If you are going with a guide, then you know and can feel the shift inside you.

When is the right time to meet your ex?

People generally get confused with this thought. Though, the answer to this is very simple. You can meet him when you are ready to handle him in front of your eyes without being needy and desperate all again. A lot of girls and boys screw up because they meet their exes at the wrong time and give their false impression again to them which repels them from being with you and as a result, you lose them also!

Therefore do not make the deadly mistake of seeing your ex when you are not ready.

  1. Meet your ex and create the spark again!

Once you are done figuring out the best time to see your ex—plan on how to contact him. You can contact him via text, email or a phone call. You can make him believe that you have changed for sure and aren’t needy or desperate anymore. Now, you have created enough excitement over the calls, texta and mails. Let’s plan to meet in real and get things back on track. The one thing you need to make sure before the meeting is that do not behave needily, Cluny or vulnerable. Just don’t talk about your relationship or breakup phase at al. Talk stuff off that. Discuss what’s new with each other lives and families: career and much more. Also, now take things slow and get back into the relationship part naturally without forcing anyone’s emotions on someone.


So dear readers, with the help of this guide, you can get you to ex back for sure. But if the things are still not going the way you want you to need to make sure that you cannot let your self-respect go away completely because if this person. If all of this is taking away your mental peace and draining your energy, why do you ever want to be with a person who cannot value and respect you? Just imagine even he comes back can you stay and bear the thought that you wish this to happen but not him or vice-versa. May be things may end in a more bad way later. Therefore make sure you make the right call for yourself and your life. Else, never forget that there are plenty of fishes out there.

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