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Season of love

by Shweta Brijpuria
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February is the season of expression, the season of togetherness and the season of romance. In February, we pay tribute to the ones we love as we celebrate St. Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is not a traditional Indian festival. It was introduced to the country during the 80s and 90s. It’s introduction was met with two very opposing reactions. The younger generation embraced it with enthusiasm while the older generations disapproved with equal fervour. This chasm was caused due to the hyped up commercial interpretation – a day for lovers. So, celebrating it brought disapproval. I still remember how my parent’s used to react – raised eyebrows and frowns.

Thankfully, over the decades the true meaning of the day has been revealed. Valentine’s day is not only a day to express your love to your spouse or a special friend of the opposing gender. It is a day to express your love and appreciation to all those you love. I am not sure precisely when the older generations began to accept Valentine’s Day as a day of love. I only became aware that perceptions had changed when my previously disapproving parents wished me Happy Valentine’s day. Either way, I am happy this change occurred. What is more delightful and fun is watching senior couples participating in spirit of the day.

India as a whole is changing and growing due exposure to different cultures. We have begun celebrating international festivals like Halloween while they celebrate Indian festivals like Holi. This respect of other cultures will hopefully breakdown barriers and bring about a more peaceful future.

May St.Valentine shower love on each one of you. Have a love filled life.

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