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Season of festivals

by Shehnaz Gujral
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No matter we are in the Pandemic year, in a new normal life, yet we are always enthused when it comes to celebrations and jubilations. Social distancing and civic protocols are followed as per convenience. Despite WHO guidelines which go on air every now and then, the intensity of precautionary measures to be taken is casual as Covid- 19 has become synonym to the mundane.
Though it is saddening to see people violating the valued counsel given by the health services, yet a reawakening in these grave times can help avoid the repetition of the Greatest Medical Holocaust of 1918 Pandemic. Number of cases and fatality rate is upsurging and many of our irresponsible fellows are getting ready for feasts and treats. Sorry to state but cattle imposition works best for humans. Man, in true sense is incorrigible.
This Diwali let us keep our patience else nature is all set to test our patience. Can we, as a community STOP bursting fire crackers in 2020? Not only do these cause pollutions but carbon dioxide can deteriorate the lungs of the Covid patients. Even after recovering, some patients develop lung fibrosis and they feel difficulty breathing. Smoke impairs lung function making it harder for the body to fight off. Medical officers have expressed the fear that if air quality dips on Diwali, Covid patients may suffer.
Little drops make the mighty ocean. Let us practice this valuable proverb. Instead, we can donate masks, gloves, sanitizers, soaps to the under privileged strata of society. Dismaying but a hard- core fact that there is so much suffering we can see around the world. (If we wish to!) Together, we can be a helping hand to the health workers who are dedicating their soul and heart effortlessly in bringing a streak of light to the dark dungeons. Reflect, review and choose if we can take this small step and save ourselves as well as the posterity from the unfortunate consequences of petrifying Pandemic.

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