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Pots and potions

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Steaming veggies, whistling pressure cooker and tea-pot

Whick, whick, chop, chop of chopping board

Busy mornings with forlorn tiffin and mixt menus.

Monologued Mrs. M,” Keto, Atkins or Vegans?

Fancy faddist, feeding faded food

No carbs or all carbs, is this the diet?

Nuts and seeds you sniff and ingest.

Pulses and grains, you gobble in grams.

No more, overdosing the underdose diet.

Dial-a-meal or dine in are the dieter’s delight!

Nay! Fancy packs, I will unpack all.

Immunity pill we chase in Covid times

Elixir is the balanced diet

Colorful plate with fruits, grains and nuts

Shun the sodas and sip the H2O.”

Healthful hearts with healthy living.

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1 comment

Amar jit kaur September 2, 2020 - 11:56 am

Great….I enjoyed..


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