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Pooch super-squad for the rescue!

by Grishma Indap
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Pooch super squad for the rescue

With restaurants, vendors, cafes and meat shops shut since the lockdown, strays lost their regular food source. A concern of stray animals moving across territories in search of food is leading to vicious animal fights is increasing day by day. But, there are animal welfare NGOs like PAL (Pet owners and animal lovers) and selfless feeders who have come together for a rescue. Along with the feeding programme, their ambulance continues to help streeties for emergencies in lockdown. Because many animals on the street are suffering due to heat and lack of food and people who’re reporting cases for the injured animal are not able to purchase medicines and take care of them personally.

PAL and their volunteers always swung into the action in taking care of not only dogs and cats but also, monkeys, cows, birds and many more. In this need of an hour, they’ve been feeding over 800 streeties and attending at least 20 cases on their emergency ambulances every single day. While feeding they get visitors like monkeys too. They’re also dispatching 350 kg every week to volunteers to feed animals in their respective vicinities. 

Just imagine, If this one NGO is coming forward like superheroes to ensure that our streeties do not endure the brunt of the lockdown. What if everybody joins forces and takes responsibility? Amidst, you’re not also breaking the lockdown rules if you step out and feed them in your vicinity because the government of India has declared feeding of strays as an essential service, which was a ray of hope for all the people who’re taking care of animals and all you have to do is collect feeding passes from your local police station. If you’re still skeptical about going out, you can donate some money to NGOs that are doing this work on a daily basis and for those who are holding back from feeding them because you think they are carriers of the pandemic, you simply do a fact check by WHO. 

You can also keep a bowl of clean water and food outside your house. Spread grains on the ground or hang them on your balcony or window for birds to eat. 

Don’t hesitate to do your bit!

In conclusion, we just want to appeal, please come forward and contribute to such NGOs for their feeding program. You can help them with your contribution by way of cash, dog and cat food, water bowls, newspapers or with any other items which will help and save these voiceless souls. If you already contributed, share it with your friends and family to contribute too. Because, in the end they need us more than ever! 

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