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Pipe Dream

by Shehnaz Gujral
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Wandering aimlessly in the haste of city

I paused to the mixed noises

Moaning and groaning here

Cackling and chuckling there

Migrant labor in the queues

A loaf of bread, a pack of biscuits

Broken rice and rotten veggies

Two square meals in charity

Mr. Moneybags in the queue

Buying Rolex, Cartier and Louis Vuitton

Blueberries, pine nuts, and Salmon

Every meal savored as a banquet

Have-not pedaling the cycle

Cracked feet running miles

Stale chapatis and running water

Contented to the discontented life

Baron airborne the jet

In fitness zones running miles

Intermittent fasts, diets, and sparkling water

Discontented to the contented life

Mass weddings, pilgrimage and rubberneck tour

Ration cards, saving schemes and pensions

Kite flying and floating paper boats

Unusual joys in usual things

Destination weddings, dream holidays and fiestas

Earnings, black money and squandering

Swiss accounts, rifles and guns

Miserable luxuries luxuriously wasted

Happiness a magical delusion

Diving deep yet unfilled hands

Seek to find; find to seek

Mirage chasing and racing

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