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Oo Dear Future!!

by Vishakha Choubey
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Oo Dear Future!! - MyBlogUs

O dear future!
Why u worry me this much
Why my whole life is just about you
My all the decisions revolve around you.

I dreamt about you
I wanted to become a stable person
I dreamt for all the success
And started running all the races.

And when am not getting things
What I aspire for!!
I get disappointed I get hopeless
its only worries what I face.

They say hard work brings u success
They talk about determination
But what if these all ends
Now where one’s life tends.

Oh ya! Some talk about patience
Which holds you for very long
But what if the road is clouded
And hopes which start to fade.

Now you have those sleepless nights
Nights! which earlier you used to love
You try to sleep turning sideways
But fear of being a loser still stays.

O dear future
You made my present worst
Making me vulnerable
I still wait for you
Coz my hearts gives me a positive cue.

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