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One Night My Friend Decided to Google Everyone She Knew Until She Saw Something Shocking About Her Boyfriend!

by Grishma Indap
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Shocking News About Her Boyfriend

I planned an amazing sleepover with some of my girlfriends, while my parents were out of town. Everyone ditched the sleepover and only my closest friend turned up. She wanted to share something for a very long time, but she hesitated at the start. When I insisted on her, this is what she told me about the shocking thing she found out when she was searching for her boyfriend on Google.

One day she was bored and decided to search everyone she knew on Google, all that popped was all the social media accounts of everyone. But, when she googled her boyfriend’s name, she couldn’t believe what came up, hundreds of images from a singing community website. When she clicked the first link she didn’t find anything, then she clicked the second link there was a group of ladies all dressed up looking gorgeous with glamour, bold dress, and excessive makeup. As soon as she started scrolling down the website with curiosity she found one shining profile with the same first name as her boyfriend. It seemed, her boyfriend didn’t have a common name, and his surname wasn’t mentioned which made her more confused.

Her boyfriend was a very sophisticated and serious guy, you could ever meet. She decided to tell her boyfriend about what she found funnily, but then she thought it wouldn’t bother him much. Days passed, and she couldn’t stop thinking about the same uncommon name as her boyfriend and website. So, she started researching more about this community on Google, and guess what? She found one account named by her boyfriend. It kind of reminded that person in the account of her boyfriend. She started following their updates and events by subscribing to the website. They were in a long-distance relationship and he had to travel to different states for conferences. Sure, she was excited about this but deep down she thought it would affect their relationship.

Shocking About Her Boyfriend

Weeks went by, she started feeling like a big fan of this guy. She so wanted to go to their show but was a bit nervous going alone. But who and how? Eventually, she figured asking her school friend who was gay. For the rest of the days until that show, she was so nervous about it. Finally, the day came, she arrived at the show sweating and managed to look confident as possible. She and her friend got their ticket and entered the hall with a massive velvet curtain. She didn’t know what she was expecting but everyone seemed normal. When the show started, she was intrigued that her boyfriend was wearing a huge curly wig and a red gown. He was singing and she couldn’t help but smile plus his confidence was amazing. She didn’t want to interrupt the show so she waited till the show ended to figure if he was actually her boyfriend?

She went to the front seat to have a proper glance at the person who had the same name and kind of looked like her boyfriend, that’s when it hit her when she realized it was him, it was her boyfriend! As soon as she made eye contact with him his whole reaction changed, and he started stumbling on the stage.

She didn’t want to create a scene in the middle of the show. Never in a thousand years did she think her too serious and sophisticated boyfriend would be singing wearing glamour clothes in front of everyone. It didn’t even make any sense, because he was supposed to be on his work trip. He was living a double life, but why? She had to find a way to talk to him. Did his friends or family know about this? She nervously dialed his number, it rang and rang and he didn’t answer, yet deep inside me she liked his performance and was proud of his confidence. Despite dating him for a year and a half, yet she didn’t know about his glamour life. She had to confront him sooner or later, all of a sudden she got a message from him, “I’m sorry to hide things from you. I will tell you everything, meet me at the coffee house tomorrow. Love you!”

The next day she went to the coffee house, it was very awkward. She knew he was embarrassed but she wanted answers. He told her everything. He had done such shows back in his college times just for fun and he loved doing that. He loved the thrill of being on stage. Just because he was a man it does not mean it didn’t make him feel good wearing glittery clothes. He was apologizing and felt embarrassed the whole time while he was explaining it to her. She was all confused and wondered doesn’t this mean he is gay? He explained, “Babe, I’m straight. Not all men who love to wear glittery clothes are gay. It’s like a secret hobby to me!”. Then, she smiled and said, “It’s alright, I loved your performance. When I googled you, the things that came in front of me about you were so cool, but I wasn’t sure it was you. As I know, it’s you. Please invite me, next time!” He said, “Of course, sweetheart!”

Now, they understand each other more. She also goes to his show and even helps him with his make up. Looking back they still laugh about it. Now, she is his biggest fan!

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