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How On Earth Body Shaming has Become the New Normal?

by Grishma Indap
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We live in 2020 yet today everyone likes to give an opinion about whether you like it or not. If you’re an active user on social media, you’ll probably find people posting pictures of themselves as everyone does, and once the picture is uploaded you’ll also find that body shamer who will come out of the bush to make harsh comments about their looks, dressing style, hair, weight, skin tone or whatever you name it. Honestly, trolls don’t have any rulebook. It’s not only social media, or it’s not only about some stranger’s negative comment, but you’ll also find body shamers everywhere from your family to colleagues to friends to neighbors to unexpectedly from your loved ones.

Have you ever thought about how often we are told about our appearance?

Beauty ads to Magazine columns often try to promote tips or products to hide imperfections. Sitcoms and Movies usually show overweight, short, or dark-skinned characters as the basis of a joke or the protagonist’s funny friend. For some people, body shaming begins when they are too young. Now you think, this can cause so much trauma to a little kid’s self-esteem and confidence.

And if you think Body shaming only criticizes Women, Men also undergo a lot of trauma with judgments and criticism, from an overweight issue to even hair-loss problem. Even if someone accepts confidently in public like celebrities about going under the knife, body shamers will also start making them uncomfortable by topping up with putting a lot of pressure on them for not being skinny enough for the entertainment industry.

Our society knows unlimitedly to throw their prejudice and judging comments about anything they see. If a girl is too muscular or not girly enough or a boy is not muscular enough or too thin they are already standing there creating preconceived notions. Everything perpetuates the idea that people should be judged by their physical features.

One of my aunts literally made me uncomfortable in front of other family members about how my belly flops when I sit down and my arms look ugly when I wear sleeveless because of my stretch mark. Somehow with all these obsessions over perfection and criticism about our body, we start hating ourselves. Because you’ll see messages from everywhere that will convince you that you’re not perfect and you need to change. No matter how this sounds, this often leads to comparison and shame. I don’t think I have a single friend who hasn’t expressed their feeling of being imperfect. Body shaming is actually more dangerous than you think. Self-acceptance is more difficult than you think. Coming out in front of people confidently is more like having a panic attack than you think.

From self-esteem issues to social anxiety to fear of acceptance, the list is long and it’s important to embrace ourselves of who we are. Nobody wants to go to bed crying every single night and wake up with a feeling of not being good enough. Why are there people more vocal about body shaming and body positivity openly, because we all are on the same boat. We all should come together and talk about how body shaming is taking a toll on everyone’s physical and mental health. And we should also urge people to make it less about others’ bodies and more about people’s accomplishments or just who they are as an individual.

Irrespective of our fashion sense or bodies that we inhabit and we carry ourselves, we need to be accepted of who we are. Sending an empowering message instead of body shaming anyone, accepting that everyone is in charge of their own body and letting them be whoever they want to be if they are happy, is something that we should all do.

As a normal human being, we must also mind our own business instead of worrying about what anyone’s doing with their body or life. We must always make parents believe that they should never make their kids feel shame for what they eat or how they look, they can find a balance with eating and exercising in a good way.

Accept yourself unapologetically on social media or in real life. If you are the victim or you know someone who’s the victim, fight back, make yourself heard and give them a nice piece of your mind. If you want to do something to feel confident and feel yourself, just spend time with people who love you for who you are. Sing at the top of your lungs, dance around, enjoy every moment, treat yourself, post some sexy pictures, wear your favorite outfit, and go out. So find something in what you do well and do all these things often, you’ll feel amazing, trust me!

Beauty sure lies in the hands of the beholder, so let’s accept who we are. We are already the best version of ourselves, we don’t need to change for anyone’s obsession over perfection.

Embrace your unique selves, always!

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