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Not only Bollywood, Doctors too suffer with Nepotism everyday

by Lovepreet Kaur
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Being a Doctor I too suffer from nepotism.
The senior associates in the management, these all people are more responsive to their known people, especially the employees who do not know anything professionally, but still these people are paid huge wages and priorities in facilities, in respect just because they are kids of their known political parties, or else of those who help them in winning elections.
Nepotism is so high, that even if these people have an option to make ward boys as medical officers by making them wear stethoscopes, just because they are their close political parties, kids,, they can do it in the future, I strongly feel it.
Nepotism on the basis of salary, facilities, respect, we being doctors face every day.
Nepotism not only this.
Also on the basis of seniority n juniors.
Even if the junior Dr is marvelously capable, responsible, intelligent, efficient,, still junior will be always forgotten when annual increments are to be planned.
On the other side, the senior one, simply sitting in the office and playing mind games, just wandering here n there, just showing off by sitting late in the office, to prove to the management that I’m doing much hard work.
Reality is these people make juniors do all the work,, but when the hard work has to be facilitated n awarded,, these seniors try to manipulate or hide the work of juniors,, to make them settle in that place forever.😡
Not only Bollywood ppl, we Doctors, after studying 7-8 years of a hard time, forgetting the enoyful time n sacrificing what not(huge list), we suffer even after being highly qualified.

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