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My girlfriend leaked my private pictures and it stayed on the internet forever!

by Anonymous
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I was in grade 12 when an accident happened that completely changed my life forever. Before the accident, I was living a normal life like everyone else. I was not dating anyone at that point until I met this girl at the college during my football practice. She was so charming and innocent that I instantly fell in love with her. One night we went to my friend’s house party, danced together and had a long-awaited kiss. It was magical! We started dating and things were great between us. I was proud to have her in my life. We used to be together all the time like a newly married couple, never getting enough of each other.

It went on like this for 8 months and one day she went on a family vacation for a month. We felt so uncomfortable and started missing each other since we were staying apart from each other. We shared photos. One night we were sexting and we mutually agreed on sending each other sexy pictures, that’s when I sent her my naked mirror selfie which she absolutely loved it. We also promised each other to delete the picture so that anyone shouldn’t see it accidentally. I did it from my side.

After a month our college started, I was excited to see her after a long time. When I got down from the bus, I immediately realized something is brewing people at my college was staring me down as if I was walking down naked. I tried calling my girlfriend just to check what’s going on but she didn’t pick up my call. I felt so nervous as everyone was giggling and staring at me that’s when I hit my jaw on the floor when I heard,” Why don’t you share more sneak peek of yours”. I was about to throw up, so I ran to the bathroom. I started wondering, what if my girlfriend was embarrassed by all this and betrays me. I somehow ran out of college because I didn’t want to look at anyone in the college. I saw my girlfriend, I went to her she hugged me and ask what happened? So, I told her everything and asked her about my picture which I sent her during our time apart. She said,” Are you crazy? Why would I do that to you?”

I begged in front of her to tell me the truth, that’s when all the truth came out. She confessed,” I left my phone last night at my friend’s place, so this may be my fault. I know I was supposed to delete your picture but I forgot to do that.”

She hugged me and asked me to forgive her, we hugged each other by assuming this will pass soon. For the next few days, I was eventually prepared to act as if nothing happened. Whenever my girlfriend was with me she acted as if she was defending me from all the gossiping and giggling which made me love her more.

One night, we were having a sleepover at my place where her friend was messaging her all the time, so I took her phone just to reply to her friend that she’s sleeping and I couldn’t believe what I saw. She never left her phone at her friend’s place as she was lying to me as she was the one who sent her friend my picture and her friend forwarded that picture to one of the biggest gangs in college which made my picture go viral. I was in shock when I saw almost everyone having that same picture of me.

How could she think anything she has done is okay? I just couldn’t be with her anyone, so I broke up with her. I wish I shouldn’t have sent my naked picture to her. All my confidence was completely shattered by this stupid mistake of mine. I felt broken, I was broke from inside and somehow I dealt with that for a few days until my teachers found out. I would never imagine myself in this chaotic situation with my single mistake. I was practically getting bullied by students from my college who thought they had the power on me.

A year passed, and the most stupid mistake I did was, I went on a date with the same girl because she kept on apologizing and I thought she meant it. Everything was going amazing between us until one night we were texting each other and she sents my picture again with laughing emojis. I was in shock, I started swearing on her and asked her why would you do that to me after you put me through so much.

She said, “This was never my fault, It was only your fault by sending this picture to me”. Then, she blocked me on social media. It was some kind of revenge for breaking up with her at the start. Now, she’s walking freely and enjoying her life. What about me? I’m completely devasted and might take some more time to recover from this horrifying trauma. I don’t even know how to live anymore.

I just want to tell everyone out there, even though I’m not a famous personality, I still worry about my family and friend about what has come across them. This could happen to anyone, even if you’re a boy, just be careful! I hope this can teach you a lesson. If someone makes a thousand promises and asks, “Come on just send me the picture, don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen. I’m not gonna share it with anyone. I’ll delete it as soon as I see it.” Don’t believe them. Don’t share your pictures with them. Just, don’t!

Sexting is something to be careful of and not taken so lightly. Because how can we be so sure that it won’t be shared publicly. If it spreads in the world of social media, it could have serious consequences on your future. And, once it’s on the internet some people would download the picture or take a screenshot. Some sites might take these pictures and post on their adult sites to earn money. This can stay with you forever or atleast until the world doesn’t have the internet anymore. Look, there’s nothing wrong in sexting that if you send this kind of picture, you’ve to eventually accept the consequences that might follow you forever. Let’s imagine, what would happen if your pictures get leaked? What would you do?

It’s not the end of the world if you say NO!

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