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My First Day In The UK Away From My Family!

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Due to the Corona outbreak, my UK plans got postponed from May to September. The day was coming closer- the day of leaving my friends and family back to achieve my dreams in the United Kingdom. The night of my flight started with all the hustle to reach the airport before 6 hours of the flight, because you know Indian parents! My mom packed her special masala aloo sandwiches, ladoos and ready to eat Indian food packets. I was not able to meet my friends before leaving due to pandemic lockdown. I didn’t want to take any risk while visiting another country.

I was a bit fearful about flying to some other country.  I’ve never been to the city before alone. My family came to drop me off at the airport, gave me goodbye kisses with teary eyes. After check-in, I went to a currency exchange, then got super excited to go through security. I was not the only one travelling alone in the line. I waited a long time to board the plane. My flight was almost 9 hours long. I hopped off the plane and I started missing my family already. Leaving to go to college and work, that also for 5 years was my very first time away from home. It took a lot of adjusting to a new home. In addition to that, I was asked to quarantine for 14 days alone in a big apartment.

The apartment was very pretty, it had a great view outside the balcony but I was all alone, instead of ordering food I ate ladoos and sandwiches thinking about my family for not being by my side anymore. I knew it would take time to be independent and do things on my own. Everything was new, community, and people. They all were so sophisticated, and it was all peaceful. Why did it surprise me? Because I come from Mumbai.

After quarantine, meeting people was not a piece of cake for me because I was always an introvert. On the first day itself, I got homesick and wanted to go home.

I realized my parents have spoiled me by doing my laundry, cooking, and cleaning up for me now. Moving to the UK was a major change in my life because I had no family or friends here. Since I came to the UK to study and work in the Fashion industry. I started working on the designs. When I got bored doing that, I googled how to revamp the apartment. In my big apartment, I only had a small mirror, gas, toaster, heater, 2 chairs and a bed without a mattress. I ordered things that would be required to revamp the room and luckily it  got delivered on the same day itself. I stuck all my family, friends and fashion portraits on the wall. I also added fairy lights in my revamp plan, which was obvious. Finally, my room was all decked up. I also tried Angelo’s famous fish n chips by ordering it. It was so delicious. It was the first time I was eating alone without sharing my food with someone.

It was a two bedroom apartment, my roommate arrived from California in the night and the introverted soul inside me went away. I immediately welcomed her inside, asked her to relax and showed her the whole apartment. Later that night we ordered Indian food from a nearby Indian restaurant. After dinner we both hung up and watched friends on my laptop, before we went to our own rooms. I was not able to sleep as I was completely on my own. I cried to myself and slept. Just like every other morning, I woke up with my mom’s voice but this time on her phone call.
My roommate made me a warm cup of black coffee, thanks to my roommate she’s sweet and I was no longer freaking out. Moving away felt like a mistake before, but it was definitely a strong move to achieve my dreams. Surprisingly, I was able to settle in within a day in spite of being quarantined. Me and my roommate made a bucket list of what to do after our 14 days quarantine is done. I happily waited to start my college, knowing I wouldn’t have to feel lonely for much longer. I started feeling more confident and comfortable. After surviving a day, I realized I probably could stay happily here.

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