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My first adulting moments ever! Adulting – One day you’re young and the next you have a favourite grocery store.

by Grishma Indap
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My friends and I have been talking on adulting lately since we’re in our early 20’s and we’ve come to the conclusion that being an adult is weirdly awesome, but sometimes not so fun. I grew up dreaming to be an independent, now all I want to do is take a nap that lasts for 2 days and the struggle is real. A first adulting moment can be different for everyone, like for some people it will be filing taxes, paying bills, no more parties, doing their own laundry, or buying booze for the first time. But for me the first adult moments were different, and many folks out there could totally relate to me.  

Read on to check if my adulting moments are similar to yours! 

adulting moments

adulting moments

  • When I went to the pub alone: In Spite of being a socially awkward human for life, deep down I always wanted to go out and enjoy the evening by myself. So, one evening I went to the pub. I put on my red lipstick and was wearing a fancy top. I sat down, felt super awkward but after a while, I confidently ordered myself a drink, Gin with tonic water. I started vibing with the music and was having a great time. Then, I left the pub, booked a cab and headed towards the marine line. Trust me, that whole moment from ordering a drink to sitting alone at the marines enjoying the sound of the waves was the best feeling I ever experienced in my entire life. 


  • When I realized I no longer like cream biscuits: I could give a list of things I hated during my childhood. I hated vegetables, and the list could be pretty long if I listed every single veggie and fruit. With my hatred towards veggies, I always loved junk food. As I hit adulting, BAM – everything changed! You could find me wondering why I do not eat cream biscuits or chocolate cakes anymore. And I’m no more sweet tooth! I guess that means I’m going through my adulting moment really well.


  • When I bought a bra for myself: Nothing screams like when finally I got myself a fancy lacy expensive bra without having my parents paying for my lingerie and that feeling was so amusing. Because, since childhood, you’re always dependent on your family to buy you stuff, to pay your fees or even lingerie for that matter.


  • When I took my parents out for dinner: The other time I felt like an adult was when I took my family to the fancy continental restaurant and paid the bill with my first salary. At that moment, I felt independent and finally realized I’m an adult. Why did this little moment make me so happy? Because I always wanted to take my parents to the fancy restaurants and let them order whatever they wanted to eat.  

We’ve all seen adulting memes and relate to them all the time. Most adulting moments I’ve seen on social media are negative because few memories of our first adult moments like mine can be empowering and exciting too. And with a lot many adulting moments, I’m ready for the power that comes with living in the real world, eh?

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