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My Diary

by Shehnaz Gujral
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My Diary - MyBlogUs

A lifeless dot on the faded folio

Saved to scribble in a while

Frozen sheet creased with brown patches

The Knight riding the time, sworded the sheet

A festive ride with the new diary

Will you be that diary?

The dateless diary of my journey

The glossy flyleaf with iridescent colors

Ornamental feathers feeling the pages as the book mark

Together we will dive deep into the sea of thoughts

Halting en route faded, bright and neutral hairpin bends

I will write on you the memoirs of the drive

Blank leaf I will fill with moody ink

Gala days will plug with Red

Serene moments will seal with Blue

Harmonious mood will close with Green

Sorrowful flashes will select Black

Between you and me are lines of every hue

Be my buddy till the last page!

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Amandeep July 22, 2020 - 9:10 am

Love the flow in your poetry!

Amandeep July 22, 2020 - 9:10 am

Love the flow of your poetry!

Shehnaz Gujral July 22, 2020 - 9:38 am

Thanks 😊

Amar jit kaur July 23, 2020 - 11:34 am



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