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Most Popular Made In India Watch Brand

by Pratiksha Panjwani
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Watches have consistently been a well-known people adornment. We can also say that watches are the most famous and popular accessory for both men and women. It is no uncertainty that watches are critical to look very much prepped and set up. Numerous individuals would comprehend your overall nature by taking a gander at the sort of watch you are wearing. While many watch sweethearts are explicit in their decisions, some have an assortment of a few sorts of watches that suit various outfits and events. If watches are your top choice, and you are searching for top Indian watch brands, at that point don’t stress, you have shown up at the ideal spot. Here is a rundown of some inconceivable watch brands from India:

Popular watch brands in India

1. Titan

Made In India Watch Brand - Titan

The company has been started its journey in 1984. They have started with small but a confident step, Titan is a joint endeavour between the TATA Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Begun with a goal to make a Titan watch for everybody has now become the fifth-biggest incorporated watch producer on the planet which was just the start of an example of overcoming adversity. Whenever you searched for India’s top watch brand, Titan is always the first brand that pops up. They serve their customers with the most unique and iconic watches which makes them stand out of all!

  • Tagline– Be more

2. Sonata

Made In India Watch Brand - Sonata

With the amplest variety of contemporary and ageless plans, Sonata, India’s biggest-selling watch brand is carved in the hearts of each Indian. With an eye for style and through tireless advancement and sheer enthusiasm, we’ve made more than 700 watch plans that are accessible across 8,000+ approved watch outlets and the restrictive World of Titan stores. Impeccably joining style and usefulness, Sonata offers a watch for each wrist and event, proceeding to inspire pride and trust in the clients. Unlike titan, which is little expensive to invest in. Sonata manufactures very affordable range of watches with superior quality.

  • Tagline– Wait mat kar


Made In India Watch Brand - Fastrack

Teenagers love this watch brand. Fastrack was dispatched in 1998 and turned into a free metropolitan youth brand in 2005. From that point forward, it has cut a speciality for itself with watches and shades that are both in vogue and reasonable. Fastrack expanded its impression into frill in 2009 with a scope of sacks, belts and wallets. As the years progressed, Fastrack has developed to be the voice of the adolescent spearheading patterns and making new standards. In correspondence and plan, we are consistently fun, restless, particular and easily cool. With enough classes to top off a store, Fastrack retails the country over through 158 select Fastrack stores in more than 79 urban areas just as approved multi-brand outlets and online www.fastrack.in.

  • Tagline– Move on

4.  Chumbak

Made In India Watch Brand - Chumbak

The next Made In India brand is “Chumabak”. Established in 2010 in Bangalore, India. The founder of this brand is Vivek and Shubhra, It all started with Vivek and Shubhra’s love for travel & collecting souvenirs. In Hindi Chumbak means Magnet, works out in a good way by its name. Since the dispatch of the watch brand in the year 2010, a lot of people has been attracted with their unique, stylish, affordable and multicolour products. It is also said that there products and design are inspired by culture and art from around India. Chumnak makes very creative watches with the usage of funky belts and unique watch dials.

  • Tagline– A little quirk is all we need

5. Jean Fendi

Made In India Watch Brand - Jean Fendi

This Indian brand found in 2007 by Mr Rafiq Kapadia. The headquarter of this company is in Mumbai, India. A genuine hunger for something new determined by the single intention of carrying great item and administrations to its reality. Since 2007, Jean Fendi has continually developed its items and known for its creativity. The vision of the company is to provide affordable best in class watches for the Indian buyer. Today this brand has successfully run 183 outlets within the country. They promise to be 100% localized company delivering Swiss Quartz product to the Indian buyer. A huge number of happy and satisfied buyer are the Proofpoint of their prosperity and quality.

  • Tagline– Hope, trust and bliss

6. Horpa

Made In India Watch Brand - Horpa

Established in 2017 and the founder of this India watch brand is Mr Deepak Choudhary. An idea that united companions, experts and the best assets in the field of horology, on the way of disclosure and the formation of HORPA. Based on the establishment of mastery and cooperation, HORPA is the place Horology meets Passion. This watch brand is an acclaimed independent watchmaker from the countries. The brand has identified, recognized and celebrated for its stylish designed. They are proud to have been founded as an Indian company and is best in Industries.

  • Tagline: construction of design excellence

7. Bangalore Watch Company

Made In India Watch Brand - Bangalore Watch Company

The next made in India brand which comes into this list is “Bangalore Watch Company” which is started in 2018 and the founder of this brand is Mr Nirupesh Joshi. This brand is a brand that stands for change and its popular for following

  • Space Exploration
  • Renewable energy
  • Advance Computing
  • Women flying fighter plan

With this unique aspiration, these brands create watches they claim tell stories inspired by the 21st century’s view of India. They create this impair with the world standers. This is the design and assembles in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India.

  • Tagline – An indigenous watch brand for the discerning buyer

8. Maxima

Made In India Watch Brand - Maxima

Maxima has been started there journey in the year 1990 in Noida. Mr.GS Purewal is the founder of this company. It was the consequence of a dream to serve a larger part of shoppers through items that were precise, solid, ensured for quality and upheld by after deals administration with a confided in brand confirmation. With smooth plans, high item guidelines and reasonable valuing, the brand has seen huge worthiness in the brain of purchasers.

Today Maxima is accessible in all aspects of the nation with the help of more than 80 merchants, 6000 steadfast retailers and web-based business stages including our site. Our enormous assortment is sponsored by amazing after deals administration the nation over with middle at each merchant outlet.

  • Tagline– Get out of the old and get into a Maxima

9. HMT

Made In India Watch Brand - HMT

HMT stands for Hindustan Machine Tools is now a company that has exclusive watches from its brand. HMT is one of the oldest India watches brand company, It established in 1961 in Bangalore as a public sector undertaking as a Government of India. It initially had a tie-up with the Japanese company. HMT is the first-ever company manufacturer of wristwatches in the country. The first batch of Hand Wound Wrist Watches was released by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. HMT Watches, having over 100 million satisfied customers, is a household name in the country and enjoys a good Brand Equity.

  • Tagline– Desh ki dhadkan

10. Jaipur Watch Company

Made In India Watch Brand - Jaipur Watch Company

This is again a Made In India Brand which deals in watches. It is established in the year 2013 and the founder of this fantastic watch brand is Mr Gourav Mehta. You won’t believe that in just past seven years this company has grown like no others Indian watch brand has grown up. One of the stats shows that they sold 1700 plus luxury watch per year. They are known for their stylish, traditional and latest modern look combination. We can say that this is one of the best and most luxury watches brands in India. This company has achieved so much popularity and recognition in India, A huge number of happy and satisfied buyer are the proof of that.

  • Tagline– unique ways to experience time


So all the Stylish men and beautiful Ladies out these are my suggestions for the top 10 made in India watches. These are some “MADE IN INDIA WATCH BRANDS”. As we know, the country’s most significant need is to be “VOCAL FOR LOCAL,” and Indians need to become “AATMANIRBHAR.” We must use only the products we make. We hope you like our suggestion. Check and groom yourself with the best products. These days the watches companies are adding many different series and iconic pieces. Do not forget to try them all which suits your budget nicely. Also, mention your favourite made in India watch brand in the comment section below and do not forget to share this post with your friends and family! Till then, stay tuned for more amazing content.

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