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Montage Of Heaven

by Abhinav Sharma
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Visually magical with the montage of heaven was the bright white reflection of the moon through my window, as I looked from the corner of my eyes.

It has been a while since this darkness is my new morning as if the moon was helping me with my Inception of my life and the stars were the guide to the pathway. It’s ironical how shadows of darkness sometimes gives you hope. Contrary to the rush of the day, the silence of night gave me loudness in my thoughts, gave me an escape from the usual, from the one I try to live up to and, perhaps just be me for the time.
The battle of Colossal thoughts in my mind eventually narrows down to the only thought that would be keeping me awake, writing all this on a piece of paper hoping it would make me come alive again while I was dead within. Some may say there is time for everything in your life, time for the first steps to your retirement. And somewhere in between, they expect you to discover love, while the fact is there is no specific hour to encounter it. The moment you find it, the time of your life begins, and honestly, what better it could be than spending the rest of your life with your high school sweetheart, because that my friend is the montage of heaven. And when you discover that you’ll no longer need the shadows of night, as a bright day with the vibrant memorable life awaits.

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